Pipeline Co-Creation

Pipeline Co-Creation is where our drug hunting and therapeutic area specific expertise, scientific starting points/assets/IP and proprietary technology platforms are injected into partnerships for medicines that matter. Together with our partners, we design flexible business models to drive highly differentiating science along the R&D journey from disease understanding to clinical trials & beyond.

Our Differentiated Impact

Access to Our People: Experienced Scientists & Problem-Solvers

At Evotec, our people are our powerhouse. With diverse backgrounds ranging from big pharma, biotech and the top academic institutions, our innovative scientific teams are specialized in creative and collaborative problem solving. Comprised of over 30% PhD-holding scientists provided in the co-creation model, partners feel a positive collaborative addition, often acting in fully integrated teams, resulting in 90% of our partners returning for subsequent projects. Equipped by their academic backgrounds from top institutions and leveraging our AI-powered technology platforms, our teams continuously impress with their innovative solutions. Motivated by the opportunity to create medicines that matter, Evotec scientists continuously go the extra mile for the advancement of their projects with partners.

Unlock Pipeline Value: Technology Access & Early Assets

Contributing decades of expertise, we inject our own novel targets, early chemical or biological matter and molecular level disease insights into pipeline co-creations to serve as powerful potential starting points. Partnered projects benefit from our proprietary molecular patient database with over 15k samples and PanOmics platform with over 200k samples to jumpstart a co-creation.  Just - Evotec Biologics' continuous manufacturing platforms are always available for integration into our state-of-the-art value chain for the cost-efficient development and manufacturing of antibodies, next-generation biologics and biosimilar products. Through scientific collaboration, we can compound these resources with our partners' for a more efficient project with a higher probability of success.

Winning Together: A Scalable & Future Proof Approach

With our flexible approach to partnerships, we provide a long-term and scalable solution. Through integration and learning loops, we ensure a smooth and rapid progression across the value chain, compared to a more antiquated model of dispersed, stand-alone projects. Pipeline Co-Creation projects can be flexibly focused and (re-)prioritized depending on the scope and desired outcome, whether that be enablement or co-creation of assets and intellectual property. Often combined with upfronts, joint incentives, milestones or royalties, we can better mitigate risk and increase capital efficiency. Together we can reshape the future of innovation.

Our Integrated & State-of-the-Art Value Chain

From high throughput PanOmics data generation to predictive safety and more.

  • Sourcing Novel Ideas
  • Target ID / Validation
  • Hit Identification
  • Lead Optimization
  • Preclinical Development
  • Clinical Phase I/II/III
  • Approval to Market

Embark on your IND-journey, seamlessly navigating from target ID to lead optimization, guided by AI/ML precision. With fervor for rapid progress, we discover hits faster, led by interdisciplinary experts using cutting-edge tech and scientific inquiry, swiftly identifying life-transforming drug candidates.

The concept of continuum in our integrated R&D maximizes synergy between our discovery and development teams. They collaborate to identify the top preclinical drug candidate, advancing it seamlessly to IND application. With that, we ensure rapid progress, success, asset value, and cost reduction. Quality remains central throughout.

A continuous focus on quality, coupled with early management of liabilities, instills confidence in the viability of development. Selected candidates can seamlessly transition to our IND-enabling phase, an all-encompassing clinical enabling program, which expedites the progression of early drug candidates into clinical trials by curtailing the duration between nomination and regulatory submission.