Sample Management

Evotec is uniquely qualified in delivering its customers small and large molecule library management needs through two decades of being the world’s leading sample management operation. Evotec expanded its operational presence in 2013 and again in 2015 by adding capacity and capabilities in Branford, Connecticut and Toulouse, France. These centres of excellence are strategically positioned to support the strong presence of Evotec’s drug discovery services along the east coast of the U.S. and across Europe.

Now, Evotec sample management is operating on 6 sites with about 130 collaborators. This global Sample management network allow Evotec to offer a global structure to support the management of the project and to work in proximity with each customer.

Our Sample Management Facilities

Evotec's Map of Sample Management Facilities

Our Service Offering

  • Cost effective compound identification, selection, and procurement
    High-throughput compound analysis
  • Multi-format plating and reformatting (milli- to nano-litre volumes)
  • Inert or dry atmosphere and low temperature storage and processing
  • Fast order fulfilment and worldwide delivery
  • Multi-site disaster recovery and business continuity
  • “In-sourcing” of Evotec sample management staff to client sites
  • Access to compound collections of some of its partners through an open innovation strategy

Evotec has a broad range of sample management expertise across many sectors including large Pharma, biotechs, foundations and governmental organisations; which results in a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and deadlines. Each client has a dedicated Project Manager, single point of contact ensuring an open line of communication is always maintained.

Evotec Track Record

  • Build and operate both private and public screening libraries since 2004
  • Global task force of >130 FTEs solely dedicated to sample management
  • Over 30 client collaborations working to individual specifications
  • Client collections ranging from ~100 containers to ~6 million samples
  • Storage capacity in excess of 13 million containers at different temperatures
  • >48 million samples processed and delivered each year
  • >9 million samples acquired or processed for clients
  • 8,000 shipments in 60+ countries
  • Evosource: 48 million commercial compounds available through 800+ catalogs of global suppliers

Compound Identification, Selection & Procurement

Evotec has extensive experience in the identification, selection and procurement of small molecule compounds possessing very specific (including commercial, physicochemical or bioactivity-related) properties. Evotec has the capability to apply compound identification tools as required by the client.
Once compounds are identified for purchase, our Project Management group consults with selected suppliers to negotiate terms on behalf of our client requirements, e.g. price, purity and format. Evotec purchases tens of thousands of compounds on a regular basis for a number of clients; therefore, the client can benefit from our vendor relations and volume discounts.

Data Management

Evotec currently uses both a proprietary web services system and the industry leading commercial application (Titian Mosaic) to manage, record and report all manipulations of client samples. These systems operate independently of each other at different sites but both deliver end-to-end functionality and traceability. In support of our disaster recovery and business continuity plans, Evotec employs i365 Data Backup and Recovery Solution to store incremental backups on a nightly basis and full server backups on a weekly basis. Data is transferred to two offsite locations automatically. All data transmissions are encrypted and password protected at all times for security and confidentiality.

External Access Compound Management

Evotec is able to provide client ordering and query facilities at all of our main sites. In our Branford and Toulouse facilities, both a web site and web services are available for those clients without automation and those with automation.

We are also working closely with Titian to provide an interface compatible with the Titian Global Ordering configuration to allow clients with existing Titian Mosaic infrastructure to access their data held at Evotec directly in their own Titian Mosaic system. Data security is important to us and we have worked with Titian to ensure that data ownership is clearly defined for all items.

Compound Quality Control

Evotec can employ a three-part incoming Quality Control (“QC”) process comprised of weight, solubility and LC-MS purity and identity to ensure that all collections start with high-quality compounds. LC-MS analysis is performed using a Waters LCT Premier XE uPLC system featuring positive and negative ESI and UV and ELS detection.

Quality Management

Evotec operates under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and internal auditing principles but is not formally ISO 9000 certified. We have well-defined and documented procedures to monitor and ensure the consistency of our output. Our process enables us to find defects early in the process and our procedures ensure corrective action is taken whenever a defect occurs, with the goal being to implement corrections with minimal impact to our final deliverables.

In addition, a business continuity plan is in place in Toulouse and Branford in order to maintain the activity while an issue is occurred. This plan includes an IT part as well.


Evotec has invested in industry leading automated storage systems and supporting informatics. Storage capabilities support vials, tubes, plates and bulk materials at controlled temperatures of -80°C, -20°C (inert or humidity controlled atmosphere) and ambient. Cryogenic storage is also available for cell lines and other materials requiring ultra-low temperature environments. Actual storage conditions are dictated by sample type, containers and length of storage. Automated tube, vial and plate storage systems are equipped with high-speed pickers for fast arraying of tubes, plates and vials to support large plating, weighing and screening campaigns and rapid follow-up. Evotec can also prepare a disaster recovery set of the client’s collection for storage at one of our other Sample management facilities. This set can be readily accessed and processed for distribution at the client’s request.

Sample Dispensation & Reformatting

Dispensation of Samples in Solution

Evotec has the capability for automated arraying of large numbers of samples in DMSO or in water between a large variety of containers suitable for distribution or storage. Our extensive liquid handling resources cover the widest range of possible volumes.

  • High-volume systems include the eight channel pipettors, Tecan, Hamilton and Beckman and Agilent systems that can dispense and transfer 1 uL to multi-milliliters in vials and plates
  • Mid-volume systems include the Beckman and Agilent plate replicators (formerly VPrep and Bravo) that can dispense from 1 uL to 2 mL to and from 96, 384 and 1536 SBS format arrays
  • Low-volume systems include the Beckman Echo 550,555 and 655T that acoustically dispenses volumes below 1 uL, and the TTP Mosquito, which dispense volumes between 50 nl and 1.2 ml

Neat Sample Dispensation

Evotec has the capability to transfer neat samples via manual weighing, Volatile Solvent Transfer (“VST”) or Solvent Transfer methods, and using automation (Flexiweigh and XPert dose technologies). Range for automatic distribution extends from submilligram to milligram quantities (0.2mg to 30mg).

Biological Sample Storage

The storage of biological macromolecules, as well as human samples, has evolved in recent years. Following on from small molecule processes and infrastructure, Evotec offers the storage of biological material in facilities to ensure sample security and integrity.

Evotec maintains and manages a comprehensive scope of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to ensure that all biological samples are transported, handled and stored in the most effective manner possible. Evotec’s core directive in this space is to provide clients with the best knowledge and service available in this space. Our biorepository was built by applying industry leading practices to maintain maximum efficiency in its daily operations, whilst evolving with our client`s needs of the future.

Sample Shipment

Evotec's Sample Shipment Map

>48 million samples processed and delivered each year

Our team has extensive experience in shipping chemicals, research compounds, controlled substances and reagents. Evotec delivers and receives samples in all formats (IATA & ADR certification), both domestically and overseas (including, but not limited to, North America, Europe and Asia). We are well-versed in documentation requirements, tariff classification and import/export customs requirements. We have the ability to facilitate the import/export processes through the use of brokers as required by the client.

In-sourcing & Consulting Service

If a prospective client decides to retain sample management services within their operation then Evotec also offers both in-sourcing and/or consulting services. In these instances, Evotec reviews requirements with our clients and design solutions including need identification, process design, facility layout, process workflow, vendor qualification and selection, and even complete staffing and management of onsite services.

Our in-sourcing programme provides scientific staffing specifically designed to give clients the “flexible” workforce needed for anywhere from one year to multiyear partnerships.

We hire, train and manage our employees to perform analytical scientific programmes at client sites, using their quality systems. This advanced staffing model provides a non-permanent, long-term and cost effective way to meet sample management staffing needs.

Strategy & Innovation

To enable a step change in drug discovery research and development and to obtain results faster and even more accurately with very small sample sizes, Evotec recently invested in the so-called Acoustic Tubes technology in partnership with Brooks, Beckman and Titian Software. Acoustic sampling has revolutionized liquid handling and Evotec is using two different systems for acoustically dispensing volumes over 1 uL, or between 2.5 nl and 1 µl.

In parallel to the decision to invest in the Acoustic Tube technology, Evotec decided to initiate an internal project to evaluate the impact of acoustic tubes usage on compound integrity.

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