EVT Innovate

EVT Innovate: Building bridges between cutting edge science and transformative pharma projects

The EVT Innovate segment focuses on investing and developing Evotec proprietary assets including early-stage discovery programmes as well as more advanced drug candidates. These programmes are referred to as Cure X (usually a specific mechanism) or Target X (usually a single target) programmes according to their scope and breadth and focus in particular on first-in-class projects based on innovative biology and cover a broad range of disease areas like diabetes and diabetic complications, inflammatory diseases, neuroscience, oncology, pain and anti-infectives. Cure X and Target X initiatives are carefully selected, often discovery-stage, projects that are either pursued as internal R&D projects or in collaboration with leading academic laboratories or biotech companies. Preferably, these initiatives pursue drug product opportunities with disease-modifying properties, i.e. mechanisms that may slow or even reverse progression of disease. Cure X / Target X programmes are designed to deliver starting points for strategic pharma alliances or potentially spin-out companies with the goal to advance and these projects to tangible value inflection points and ultimately expand Evotec’s clinical stage pipeline.


"The development of highly differentiated products requires early translation of breakthrough science. Evotec`s EVT Innovate model is a highly efficient way of translating ground breaking science into product opportunities not only in terms of timelines but also costs." Cord Dohrmann, CSO of Evotec

EVT Innovate at a glance

  • > 100 co-owned potential product opportunities

  • Primarily first-in-class approaches

  • Leading iPSC platform

  • ~20 academic institutions are Evotec`s strategic partners

  • Over 10 partnered Cure X/Target X programmes since 2011

  • Broad spectrum of disease areas – Diabetes and diabetic complications, inflammatory and immunology, oncology, immuno-oncology, anti-infectives, neuroscience and pain

  • Two spin-offs – Topas Therapeutics and Breakpoint Therapeutics

  • Several holdings in promising start-up biotech companies

  • BRIDGE - a new project incubation paradigm to accelerate research and early development

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