Antibody platform


Antibody discovery and screening

Evotec maintains its own antibody research unit. Its growing discovery footprint incorporates hybridoma technology and single B cell antibody cloning technologies. These platforms are leveraged to generate primarily therapeutic candidates as well as purpose-built tool antibodies. The unit deploys a breadth of workflows and assay platforms to triage libraries from clone to validated candidates in a tailored fashion. Programmes can be designed to support:

  • High diversity
  • Throughput
  • Functionality

As a preferred partner of TRIANNI’s transgenic mouse technology, Evotec is in the position to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies for clients.

Antibody discovery at Evotec

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Single B cell cloning plus high-throughput recombinant mAb production

Evotec’s single B cell cloning platform enables fast sourcing of monoclonal antibodies from non-rodent hosts, e.g. rabbits. B cells are selected in an immunisation-guided manner suitable for many target classes. The platform utilises an intelligent molecular cloning approach followed by parallel recombinant mammalian expression at high yields. Recombinant antibodies are then suitable for primary testing in complex assays.

Workflows support antigen design and production, in-house animal immunisation, antibody reformatting, up to large-scale production.

Antibody production

Protein production is a GLP trained team able to produce monoclonal antibodies in a short time and a wide range, from small scale (100 mg) to large-scale production (40 g), from specific hybridomas culture, transient cell, or stable cell line culture after mAb gene synthesis and cloning. Volumes of culture are adapted to amount, from a few milliliters or liters (expression test, feasibility studies, and small-scale production) up to 100 liters (large-scale production).
Antibody purification is performed in two steps (affinity and polishing) to reach an optimal yield and high quality level, with high purity (≥ 99%), and low Endotoxins content for pre-clinical studies.

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