X-Ray Crystallography

Take advantage of Evotec’s 20 years of experience in X-ray crystallography. With expertise across a wide range of protein families, our highly trained scientists will work with you to provide support and assistance on both small molecule drug discovery and biologics programs. Our construct design strategies are based on a deep understanding of the relationship between the structure and protein properties, resulting in lower numbers of constructs tested before a successful crystal system is established. The crystallography team is fully integrated into the Evotec structure-based drug discovery workflows for a better understanding of the molecular interactions, fast structure turnaround and reduction of design cycles.

Comprehensive Structural Support

Evotec can support you:

  • From gene to structure projects or at entry points throughout the process
  • With multiple protein families including integral membrane proteins, DNA/RNA-protein complexes and multi-protein complexes
  • With structural elucidation of RNA moieties
  • On diverse projects from regular small molecule-protein complexes to supporting integrated drug discovery programs to stand alone epitope mapping projects
  • By generating novel protein structures, establishing literature repeat crystal systems, or transfer of your in-house crystal systems

X ray Crystallography Workflow


The Structural Biology team, in collaboration with Protein Biochemistry and Biologics groups, developed expertise in epitope mapping and antibody crystallization to further strengthen our capabilities portfolio:

  • Both, antibody (or Fab) and antigen can be produced in-house, delivering crystal-grade protein
  • Generation of Fab and Fab’ fragments
  • Structure determination and characterization of epitope::paratope interface, using X-Ray Crystallography or Cryo-EM
John Barker

John Barker

EVP Head of Global Protein Sciences

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