Cryo-EM has emerged as the leading technique for structure determination of membrane proteins and large protein / protein-nucleic acid complexes.

A Complete Solution For Cryo-EM Projects

Evotec offers a complete solution for cryo-EM projects:

  • Construct and complex formation design: stabilizing, increasing particle size and reducing preferential orientation of proteins at the protein preparation level to enable high-resolution structure determination via cryo-EM, including use of Fabs and nanobodies
  • Negative stain: identification of size, shape, oligomeric state and aggregation of proteins
  • Cryo-EM screening and data collection: rapid throughput to optimized, reproducible vitrified grids for each project. Propriety access to the latest microscopes and detectors as they emerge
  • Data processing, model building and refinement: complete workflow, using multiple software packages tailored to each project
Cryo EM Workflow

Membrane Proteins

Evotec has specialized expertise in membrane protein structure solutions to support drug discovery pipelines for this challenging class of targets:

  • Diverse expertise across many classes (e.g. GPCRs, ion channels, solute carriers, bacterial membrane proteins)
  • Rigid, IP-free tagging strategies to stabilize smaller membrane proteins and antagonist GPCR systems, detergent and lipid screening, optimizing for monodisperse and thermostable preparations
  • Membrane proteins pose unique challenges during the structure determination process: optimization to achieve well dispersed protein across the cryo-EM grid, data processing strategies to better resolve membrane domains
John Barker

John Barker

EVP Head of Global Protein Sciences

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