About Us

At Evotec, our mission is clear, we're dedicated to discovering, developing and manufacturing medicines that matter for patients worldwide. In highly efficient collaborations together with our partners, we focus on data-driven precision medicine and early disease relevance in humans to bring up probabilities of success (POS). Our integrated platforms, complemented by the extensive services of our subsidiary companies Just - Evotec Biologics and Cyprotex, provide our partners with access to the most comprehensive drug discovery engine. Enabled by convergent technologies and propelled forward by the passion of our experts, we're striving towards the fastest ways to impact patients’ lives with better access to more affordable, effective and efficacious medicines. By bringing together the best minds, AI powered data-driven approaches, and state-of-the-art technologies, together with our partners we achieve transformative results to create highly effective therapeutics for patients worldwide. 

Evotec Around The World

With our presence spanning the globe and expertise covering every aspect of drug discovery and development, we are readily available wherever you require our services. Experience an interactive world map and embark on a 3D guided tour through our extensive facilities.

Our Values

At Evotec and its subsidiaries Just – Evotec Biologics and Cyprotex, we are committed to discovering treatments for currently untreatable diseases. Our core values - collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship - serve as the foundation of everything we do in our shared passion, endless curiosity and collective drive to make a difference.

Collaboration. We believe in building on our strengths and sharing knowledge to achieve the best results. With partnerships across leading pharmaceutical companies, biotech’s, and academic institutions, collaboration drives our innovation and success.

Innovation. We constantly seek new ideas, approaches, and technologies to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and drug development. We embrace creativity and curiosity so we can make ground-breaking advances to develop highly effective therapeutics and make them globally available to the patients who need them.

Entrepreneurship. We are determined to transform our ideas into reality. With the help of our many resources, a smart idea can unfold and mature at Evotec into its own business within the Group.

Together #researchneverstops

Our Culture

  • Partnership Excellence: We excel in strategic partnerships, prioritizing collaborations that align with its mission and goals
  • Open Communication & Trust: We foster transparent communication, building trust between partners and enabling efficient decision-making
  • Collaboration: We promote a culture of cross-departmental collaboration, fostering teamwork and innovative solutions
  • Continuous Innovation: We are at the forefront of innovation in drug discovery, development and manufacturing, driving advancements in quality and technology
  • Compliance: We ensure quality excellence in discovery, development, and manufacturing, adhering to rigorous standards, regulations, and leading innovation in areas such as data-driven precision medicine and early disease relevance to increase the likelihood of success
  • Platform Efficiency: We strive to drive paradigm shifts with our cutting-edge platforms and state-of-the-art technologies to create highly effective therapeutics for patients worldwide
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: We value diverse perspectives, creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel respected
  • Patient Focus: We maintain a strong patient-centric approach, guiding decision-making and shaping its overall strategy
  • Continuous Learning: We emphasize continuous learning, supporting employee growth and development
  • Ethical & Compliant Conduct: We take our legal and ethical obligations seriously. We uphold the highest ethical standards, emphasizing integrity and transparency in all interactions
Our History at a Glance