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Just - Evotec Biologics

Just – Evotec Biologics, wholly owned by Evotec, is a first-to-industry biologics platform company that leverages A.I./M.L. technologies and world-leading molecular design, cell line development, process intensification and continuous manufacturing strategies to advance biotherapeutics from discovery through clinical stages to commercial launch. The Just – Evotec Biologics team combines deep industry experience in the fields of data, protein, process, and manufacturing sciences including automation with highly integrated and flexible capabilities to break through the scientific and economic barriers associated with the development of protein therapeutics. Our focus is to accelerate and expand access to biotherapeutics through scientific and technological innovation for our proprietary projects and on behalf of our partners.

Our Mission

With Just – Evotec Biologics, we're dedicated to revolutionizing biologics development and manufacturing, expanding global patient access to more affordable and improved biotherapeutics. Our over a decade-long commitment has established us as the world's foremost continuous manufacturing platform. Our mission is to transform the biologics landscape by uniting cost-efficiency, higher success rates, and unwavering quality and agility.

Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • Biologics Discovery
  • In Silico Molecular Optimization
  • GMP Process Development from Tox supply to commercial product
  • Commercial Cell Line Development with outstanding productivity
  • FIH Process Development and Manufacturing with fastest timelines <12 months
  • Phase II and Phase III Supply with highest flexibility
  • Commercial Supply up to metric tons with lowest cost
  • Technology Partnerships

We're dedicated to fusing top-tier expertise and cutting-edge technologies to de-risk the entire drug development journey, from discovery to market supply. This commitment extends to:

  • Innovative Biologics (mAbs, bi/multispecific antibodies)
  • Biosimilars

Furthermore, we facilitate access to next-generation manufacturing capabilities for our partners through licensing options for our proprietary J.DESIGN platform, process development, and continuous manufacturing technology.


Just - Evotec Biologics

Meaningful work performed by inspired and passionate people. Get to know the Just - Evotec Biologics' leadership team.

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Our Locations


J.POD Redmond (US)

Featured Capabilities: Biologics, cGMP Commercial Manufacturing

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J.POD Toulouse (France)

Featured Capabilities: Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Integrated Drug Discovery, J.POD

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Seattle (US)

Featured Capabilities: Biologics

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