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Situated in southwestern France, Toulouse serves as the hub for Evotec's center of excellence in oncology and immuno-oncology, backed by a formidable team of more than 700 dedicated scientists. Presently, the facility adeptly oversees a portfolio of roughly 20 integrated drug discovery projects, all in parallel execution. Whether it's the comprehensive capabilities of Evotec or the specialized focus of Just - Evotec Biologics, all functions synergize under the same roof, maximizing efficiency and innovation. Moreover, Toulouse has been carefully selected as the prime location for the second J.POD biologics manufacturing facility, with plans for it to embark on operational activities in the year 2024.

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Fully integrated discovery capabilities, including:

  • Hit identification
  • In vitro pharmacology
  • In vivo pharmacology
  • Discovery chemistry and scale up
  • ADME and DMPK and safety assessment
  • Cell, protein and antibody production
  • Proteomics and metabolomics
  • Sample management

Additional capabilities Just - Evotec Biologics / J.POD Toulouse:

  • End-to-end product & process development, including: 
    • Cell line development 
    • Up and downstream development
    • Formulation development
  • Clinical and commercial supply
    • Early-stage clinical supply (5-8 kg drug substance per run)
    • Late-stage clinical supply (35-38 kg drug substance per run)
    • Commercial manufacturing (up to 2,500 kg drug substance per year)


Evotec (France) SAS

Campus Curie

195, route d‘Espagne,

31036 Toulouse CEDEX, France

T +33.(0)534.63 22-00

F +33.(0)534.63 22-86


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Craig Johnstone

Dr Craig Johnstone

Chief Operating Officer & Site Head Toulouse

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