About Us


Building on our roots in Nobel Prize-winning technologies, we're constantly challenging the status quo to pioneer next-generation approaches that enhance efficiency, quality, and efficacy across the drug discovery and development continuum. Our innovative strategies and solutions empower biotech and pharmaceutical companies at every stage of their journey from disease to patient. The proof is in the results: through convergent technologies we're able to reduce time-to-market and increase the probabilities of success through collaborative pipeline co-creation with our partners. Together, we can meet the urgent needs of patients who are eagerly waiting for life-changing treatments.

Our Mission

Empowering Innovation, Transforming Lives:
At Evotec, we envision drug discovery, development, and manufacturing as a seamless continuum, uniting our expertise to serve a range of different healthcare stakeholders whose interests align perfectly with ours. Our mission is to lead the way by combining comprehensive disease understanding at the molecular level with cutting-edge technologies, transforming this knowledge into precise, life-changing medicines through collaborative partnerships. With tireless commitment to scientific excellence, we aim to address unmet medical needs and enhance patients' quality of life on a global scale. At Evotec, we are at the forefront of a healthcare paradigm shift, driven by our commitment to reshaping the future of medicine:

Together for medicines that matter.
This sentence contains everything you need to know about Evotec – our what, our how, and our why.

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