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Please find below Frequently Asked Questions related to Evotec.

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When was Evotec founded?

Evotec was originally founded as Evotec BioSystems GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, in 1993. Among the founders were Nobel Laureate Professor Manfred Eigen, Dr Karsten Henco, Dr Ulrich Aldag, Dr Freimut Leidenberger, Dr Heinrich Schulte, Professor Rudolf Rigler, and Dr Charles Weissmann.

Since when has Evotec been a listed company?

Evotec AG went public on 10 November 1999 at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. On 1 April 2019, Evotec AG was converted into the European company Evotec SE ("Societas Europea").

Since November 2021, Evotec is also listed on the US stock exchange NASDAQ.

On what stock exchange are Evotec shares traded and under which tickers?

Our ticker is EVT and our (ordinary bearer) shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange ISIN: DE0005664809. Evotec's ADSs (American Depositary Shares) are traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EVO. EVT’s CUSIP and ISIN numbers are CUSIP#: 30050E105 & ISIN#: US30050E1055.

Does Evotec have a direct stock purchase plan?

Can I purchase shares directly from the company?

You may purchase shares through your stockbroker or online brokerage account. At this time, the company does not have any direct stock purchase plans.

How can I contact Investor Relations?

You can contact our Investor Relations team at info@evotec.com. Please also see our full contact information on our website at the bottom of the Investor Relations page under "Meet Our Team".

How can I sign up to receive Evotec's press releases and other company information?

Please contact our Investor Relations team at Info@evotec.com. Please see also our full news and investor relations information on our website under IR & News. If you wish to receive updated straight to your inbox, you can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Who is Evotec's transfer agent?

I have lost my stock certifications, how can I replace them? I am a shareholder, who should I inform regarding an address change?

You can contact our Investor Relations team at info@evotec.com. Please also see our full contact information on our website at the bottom of the Investor Relations page under "Meet Our Team".

How many sites does Evotec have?

Evotec is headquartered in Hamburg in Northern Germany. We have a total of 17 locations in Austria (Orth an der Donau), France (Lyon and Toulouse), Germany (Hamburg, Cologne, Göttingen, Halle/Westphalia, Munich), Italy (Modena, Verona), the UK (Abingdon, Alderley Park) and USA (Branford, Framingham, Princeton, Redmond, Seattle). For a map of all Evotec sites please visit our About Us page.

Who are the auditors of Evotec?

On 22 June 2022, the Annual General Meeting confirmed the appointment of BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Hamburg, as auditors for the fiscal year 2022.

Does Evotec pay a dividend?

The payment of dividends depends on Evotec’s financial situation and liquidity requirements, general market conditions, and statutory, tax and regulatory requirements.

Evotec has never paid or declared any cash dividends on its ordinary shares, and does not anticipate paying any cash dividends on its ordinary shares in the foreseeable future. Evotec intends to retain all available funds and any future earnings and reinvest them in the company’s further growth strategy to better leverage long-term growth and sustainability.

Under German law, Evotec may pay dividends only from the distributable profit (Bilanzgewinn) reflected in its unconsolidated financial statements (as opposed to the consolidated financial statements for Evotec and its subsidiaries) prepared in accordance with the principles set forth in the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch) and adopted by the Evotec Management Board (Vorstand) and the Supervisory Board (Aufsichtsrat), or, as the case may be, by the shareholders of Evotec in a general shareholders’ meeting. In addition, under German law Evotec may not pay dividends before annual profits exceed the losses carried forward.

All of the shares represented by the ADSs offered in USA generally have the same dividend rights, as all of Evotec's other outstanding shares.