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At Just – Evotec Biologics, collaboration and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We also understand that biotherapeutics development is a unique journey and that's why we offer partnership opportunities at every step of the development phase – from discovery to market supply.

How We Partner...

Whatever the business model we set up, Just – Evotec Biologics forms strong and mutually beneficial collaborations based on transparency, trust and shared success. Together with our partners we want to accelerate and de-risk development steps, ultimately providing patients with cost-effective biotherapeutics treatments.

...With Biotechs

Our platform is a perfect fit for discovery and CMC/First-In-Human activities as well as later clinical stages. We can also easily ensure coordination of preclinical/toxicology packages through the global Evotec capabilities if required.


Biotech Partnerships

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...With Small to Large Size Pharmaceutical Companies

We benefit from the strong expertise of the Evotec group in setting up fully integrated discovery, preclinical and CMC programs for which we ensure superior alliance/project management and bring deep disease knowledge.

At Just -Evotec Biologics, we are also leveraging our advanced end-to-end continuous manufacturing platform to support late clinical phase and commercial pipeline with truly flexible supply chain and lowest COGS manufacturing options.


Pharma Partnerships

...With Governments / Non-profit Organizations

The combined performance, agility and cost-efficiency of our platform positions Just - Evotec Biologics as a partner of choice for both pandemic preparedness and fast global biotherapeutic drug supply.


Non-profit Partnerships

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Partnership Spotlight

Explore our stories of innovation, breakthroughs, and collaborative science that have emerged through our dynamic alliances with partners across diverse domains.

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Philip Boehme

Philip Boehme

EVP Partnering & Transformation

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Just – Evotec Biologics is a mission-driven Business Unit of Evotec with the aim of radically improving access to biologics through a de-risked, agile approach, coupled with significantly lower manufacturing cost. Over the years we have advanced an industry-transforming bioprocessing platform, which we leverage with our partners to drive what we call the paradigm shift in biologics.