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Randal R. Ketchem

"The design of a successful biotherapeutic requires consideration of both efficacy and developability. We are utilizing AI-driven platforms for discovery, analysis, and engineering of these life-changing therapies, from improving titer, yield, and stability to reducing risks in development and manufacturing. We constantly design and apply innovative technologies in this space to meet client needs."

Randy Ketchem, SVP Discovery & Molecular Design Seattle, USA

Highly Developable, Faster & Better

We have developed a cutting-edge proprietary mAb discovery platform via a humanoid antibody library, which we call J.HAL®.

  • AI-designed phage and yeast libraries, highly diverse AI-designed human library
  • In vitro antibody production with our humanoid antibody library, J.HAL. Antibodies designed and sequence biased for broad efficacy, superior developability and manufacturability features
  • Fully established in vivo antibody generation and discovery with a proven and validated platform
  • Target validation, functional assays, biophysical characterization, post-translational modification analysis by mass spec
  • Large, diverse, manufacturable, and developable discovery libraries with machine-learned biasing for in silico discovery
  • Finding the best therapeutic from the start while solving challenges of manufacturability, stability, low yield, poor PK

Introducing J.HAL – the ground-breaking AI-driven discovery platform that is revolutionizing the field of antibody development. By harnessing the power of generative adversarial networks (GANs), J.HAL is paving the way for a new era of AI-derived antibodies with unparalleled efficacy and enhanced developability. 

Imagine a world where diverse human antibodies are swiftly generated, possessing broad efficacy features tailored for rapid entry and success in clinical settings. That's precisely what J.HAL delivers. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies, J.HAL's unique platform accelerates the discovery and optimization of antibodies, streamlining the path towards effective biotherapeutics. 

Unlike traditional antibody development approaches, J.HAL's antibodies are not only highly effective but also strategically designed for improved development, manufacturing, and in-use characteristics. This means they are not just powerful in the lab, but also practical for large-scale production and seamless integration into clinical workflows.

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With J.HAL, the limitations of traditional antibody discovery are overcome. The platform's AI algorithms drive innovation by generating antibodies with exceptional attributes that are primed for success in the ever-evolving biopharmaceutical landscape. By combining the ingenuity of GANs with the expertise of human scientists, J.HAL unlocks a new class of antibodies that are more than just promising; they are poised to revolutionize the field of biotherapeutics.

In a world where time is of the essence, J.HAL stands as a beacon of hope for expedited antibody discovery and development. Its AI-driven approach not only accelerates the journey from lab to clinic but also ensures that the resulting antibodies are optimized for success at every stage.

Experience the power of J.HAL – where artificial intelligence meets groundbreaking antibody development, opening doors to a new realm of possibilities.

Discovery for Everybody's Needs - Via the Evotec Network

In addition, Just - Evotec Biologics has access to advanced biologics discovery capabilities, including an Alloy-enabled hybridoma platform, immune repertoire phage display, and B-cell technology. These cutting-edge technologies, available through its parent company Evotec, enhance the company's ability to drive innovative discoveries and develop novel biologic therapeutics.

With our diverse discovery platform, we can fulfill any need you have for your future antibody.

If you want to further develop your antibody, our Evotec in-house capabilities span the entire spectrum from Discovery to CMC and are seamlessly interconnected through a comprehensive scientific responsibility framework. This cohesive structure ensures optimal synergy and maximizes the potential of our collaborative efforts.

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Philip Boehme

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Just – Evotec Biologics is a mission-driven Business Unit of Evotec with the aim of radically improving access to biologics through a de-risked, agile approach, coupled with significantly lower manufacturing cost. Over the years we have advanced an industry-transforming bioprocessing platform, which we leverage with our partners to drive what we call the paradigm shift in biologics.