Selection & Optimization of Candidates

Just - Evotec Biologics harnesses the power of AI and ML, utilizing the largest biomanufacturing database to assess and optimize molecules. Our suite of research and development services incorporates Abacus™ and other predictive computational tools, enabling us to improve antibodies for manufacturing and formulation.

  • Focus on Abacus Computational Tools: Our in-house suite of proprietary computational tools, known as Abacus, empowers us to predict the best molecules and conditions for development. This cutting-edge technology aids in the selection and optimization of promising candidates, accelerating the drug discovery process.
  • Enhanced Antibodies: We humanize and optimize parental antibody sequences, enhancing their manufacturability and stability. This optimization process ensures the production of high-quality, consistent antibodies for therapeutic use.
  • Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation: Product candidates undergo rigorous evaluation using assays that assess expression, purification, and formulation. This thorough assessment allows us to determine how well a molecule performs in crucial stages of development, ensuring optimal manufacturing outcomes.

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Philip Boehme

Philip Boehme

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Just – Evotec Biologics is a mission-driven Business Unit of Evotec with the aim of radically improving access to biologics through a de-risked, agile approach, coupled with significantly lower manufacturing cost. Over the years we have advanced an industry-transforming bioprocessing platform, which we leverage with our partners to drive what we call the paradigm shift in biologics.