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Non-Profit Partnerships

Through access to a Evotec's vast wealth of expertise and resources in drug discovery and development, non-profits can greatly benefit from our partnering model. Collaborating with Evotec offers the opportunity to leverage our advanced technologies and integrated capabilities to accelerate the translation of research findings into impactful solutions. Partnership enables non-profits to amplify their efforts in addressing global health challenges by combining their funding and vision with Evotec's scientific knowledge and operational excellence. Additionally, working with Evotec provides access to a collaborative network and shared R&D approach, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of projects aimed at improving health and well-being on a broad scale.

US Department of Defense Partnership

Under the accelerated antibodies program, Just - Evotec biologics will support the US Department of Defense (DOD) with rapid, cost-efficient development of safe, efficacious anti-plague mAbs. Evotec will provide preclinical and clinical trial services.

Just - Evotec Biologics was awarded a second contract under the accelerated antibodies program to:

  • Develop drug product prototype(s) from discovery through Phase I first-in-human (“FIH”) clinical trials
  • Leverage AI-driven technology for de novo antibody design
  • Utilize the J.DESIGN platform for molecular optimization, cell line development, and intensified continuous manufacturing at the J.POD Redmond, WA facility

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Claudia Karnbach

Claudia Karnbach

Global Head, EVP Partnering Excellence & Operations

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Evotec has the right technologies & disease understanding to meet our partners' evolving needs: a comprehensive disease knowledge at the molecular level, cutting-edge technologies & platforms to translate this expertise into effective precision medicines.