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Known for our drug advancement successes, we bring credibility that boosts collaborator and investor trust. Our tailored approach and insight into small company dynamics make us the perfect choice for biotechs.

Through our internal R&D portfolio, we're driving drug discovery programs through shared risk-reward partnerships with biotechs. We provide targeted solutions, products, and CRO/CDMO services within the dynamic biotech "shared R&D economy," supporting innovation across the R&D continuum.

Sernova Partnership

The objective and rational for this long-term partnership for development and commercialization of beta cell replacement therapy based on synergistic technologies:

  • High quality human iPSC-based beta cells in islet-like cell clusters (ILCs) produced in a scalable bioreactor system at Evotec
  • Sernova’s proprietary Cell PouchTM, a clinically proven implantable medical device, which provides a natural environment for therapeutic cell implantation
Evotec is an iPSC powerhouse having dedicated many years and substantial resources to developing high quality and stable stem cell technologies for multiple therapeutic applications. In every sense, both as a global strategic partner and as an iPSC expert, Evotec has exceeded all our expectations.
Dr. Philip Toleikis, Chief Technology Officer of Sernova

Details of the Agreement

  • Joint funding of preclinical program up to IND acceptance
  • Option for Sernova to exercise exclusive global license upon IND stage
  • Evotec to contribute cell manufacturing from clinical stage through commercialization
  • Evotec committed to strategic € 20m equity investment in Sernova

Synergistic Technologies for a Functional Diabetes Cure

Sernova Cell Pouch System and Evotec E.iBETA

Sernova Partnership Status & Milestones

The combination of Evotec’s ILCs with a suitable sized version of Sernova’s implantable Cell PouchTM device has yielded successful results in initial preclinical studies, as presented at the 4th IPITA/HSCI/JDRF Summit in April 2023. Please see press releases below for more details.

Alpine Immune Sciences Partnership with J.DESIGN

Under a multi-year partnership with Alpine Immune Sciences, Just - Evotec Biologics will apply the fully integrated technology platform for the development and commercial process of ALPN-303, a dual BAFF / APRIL inhibitor for systemic lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The contract is a continuation of the first-in-human program initiated in 2020 where Just – Evotec Biologics utilized the J.DESIGN continuous manufacturing platform to deliver drug substance materials.

Under the expanded contract, Just - Evotec Biologics will:

  • Leverage its data-driven technology platform to develop a commercial manufacturing process
  • Support commercial manufacture of ALPN-303 with up-steam and downstream process, analytical method and formulation development
  • Perform commercial process development at state-of-the art J.POD biomanufacturing facility in Redmond, WA
We are excited to be leveraging Just – Evotec Biologics’ J.DESIGN platform to bring this important therapeutic to late-stage clinical development.
Dr Wayne Gombotz, Chief Technology Officer at Alpine Immune Sciences

Demonstration of Just - Evotec Biologics Platform Benefits for Biotech Programs

  • Rapid development from lead candidate to supply of Phase I/II material
  • De-risking clinical development for non-standard antibody formats
  • Securing transition from clinical to commercial stage
Alpine Immune Sciences Partnership Milestones

Kazia Therapeutics Partnership

Evotec entered in April 2019 into partnership with Kazia Therapeutics, an Australian oncology-focused biotechnology company, for the clinical development of EVT801. In particular, Evotec granted Kazia an exclusive worldwide license for the development and the commercialization of EVT801. EVT801 is a selective orally available small molecule VEGFR3 inhibitor: it prevents tumor growth by impairing tumor (lymph) angiogenesis, thereby reducing primary tumor and metastasis growth and enhancing anti-cancer immunity.

Kazia Therapeutics
  • Kazia initialed in 2021 a Phase I clinical trial of EVT801, managed by Evotec Clinical Operations and translational biomarkers teams. The study is currently ongoing with the expected results so far (NCT05114668).
  • Evotec also provides chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) support as well as biomarkers evaluation support.
  • Evotec received an upfront payment and is eligible to receive clinical and commercial milestones as well as tiered royalties on the net sales.
Kazia Partnership Milestones

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