Investor Relations Events


Evotec places great emphasis on a continuous dialog with financial analysts and investors. Please find below an overview of Evotec's financial calendar as well as upcoming and previous investor relations events.


8 December2021

Berenberg European Conference Venue: Pennyhill Park, Surrey, UK
Organisers: Berenberg

22 November2021

German Equity Forum Venue: Virtual

16 November2021

Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference in London Organisers: Jefferies

11 November2021

Quarterly Statement 9M 2021 and webcast

14 September2021

Morgan Stanley Virtual Global Healthcare Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Morgan Stanley

31 August2021

Commerzbank ODDO BHF Corporate Conference Venue: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Organisers: Commerzbank & ODDO BHF

16 June2021

17 June2021

dbAccess Berlin Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Deutsche Bank

16 June2021

Citi 10th Annual European Healthcare Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Citi

10 June2021

Warburg Highlights Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Warburg

1 June2021

Jefferies Virtual Healthcare Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Jefferies

19 May2021

RBC Capital Markets Global Healthcare Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

18 May2021

Berenberg US Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Berenberg

12 May2021

Kempen Life Sciences Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Kempen

8 April2021

European Biotech Investors Days Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Solebury Trout, Goodwin, Deutsche Bank, & Nasdaq

11 March2021

BioCapital Europe Organisers: Life Sciences Partners

2 March2021

Cowen 41st Annual Health Care Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Cowen

20 January2021

UniCredit Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: UniCredit & Kepler Cheuvreux

13 January2021

Commerzbank German Investment Seminar Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Commerzbank

7 January2021

ODDO BHF Forum Venue: Virtual
Organisers: ODDO BHF

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SVP, Head of Global Corporate Communications & Marketing

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Volker Braun

SVP, Head of Global Investor Relations & ESG

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Anja Ben Lekhal

Investor Relations Associate

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Anika Meier

Investor Relations Manager

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Thore Schmidt

Investor Relations & ESG Coordinator

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