Annual General Meeting

Ordinary (virtual) Annual General Meeting 2022

The annual general meeting of Evotec SE was held on Wednesday, 22 June 2022, at 10.00 a.m. (CEST)


  1. Presentation of the approved annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements of Evotec SE as of 31 December 2021, as approved by the Supervisory Board, the management reports for Evotec SE and the Group for financial year 2021, the report of the Supervisory Board and the comments by the Management Board regarding this information pursuant to Sections 289a, 315a of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch, HGB).
  2. Resolution discharging the members of the Management Board of liability for financial year 2021.
  3. Resolution regarding formal approval of the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board for fiscal year 2021.
  4. Resolution regarding the appointment of the auditor for the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements for financial year 2022 and the appointment of the auditor for any review of additional financial information during the year.
  5. Resolution on re-election to the Supervisory Board
  6. Resolution regarding the creation of new authorised capital with the possibility of precluding subscription rights and amendment of § 5 para 5 of the Articles of Association (Authorised Capital 2022). 
  7. Resolution on creating contingent capital for the issue of subscription rights to Management Board members of Evotec SE, members of management boards of affiliated companies in Germany and abroad and selected managers of Evotec SE and affiliated companies in Germany and abroad as part of a Share Performance Plan 2022 (SPP 2017), based on a resolution of authorisation and amendments to the articles of association.
  8. Resolution to approve the Remuneration Report 2021
  9. Resolution to approve the revised remuneration system for the Management Board


Further convocation documents

Proxy voting

Confirmation of the counting of votes pursuant to section 129 (5) sentence 1 AktG:

Pursuant to § 129 para. 5 sentence 1 AktG, the person voting may request confirmation from the company within one month after the day of the Annual General Meeting as to whether and how his/her vote was counted. A request to this effect may be sent by e-mail to:

Countermotions: There were no countermotions.


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