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With a record of accomplishment encompassing more than 25 years in early drug discovery, Evotec today has a globally leading position in first-in-class drug discovery research and development with >3,000 employees at 14 sites in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, UK, and the USA.

In its operating segment EVT Execute, Evotec offers its customers services along the complete value chain in drug discovery from target identification to IND submission and CMC. 

In its operating segment EVT Innovate, Evotec focuses on accelerating innovation through various collaborative models either with Academia, other biotech companies, Pharma companies or even a combination of those in so-called academic BRIDGE alliances. In addition to its equity strategy, Evotec is willing to take on different angles to bring forward new innovative approaches, e.g. by spinning off valuable platforms and keeping an equity stake or participating in financing rounds and company formations.

"Our passion for identifying the causes instead of just addressing the symptoms of a disease drives everything we do at Evotec. Be invited to learn more about our business model and how it translates into numbers."Dr Werner Lanthaler, CEO of Evotec

Our equity story - 5 reasons to invest in Evotec

  1. Answering the external innovation megatrend: Through ebbs and flows of the drug discovery landscape, Evotec has continued to support the needs of its clients with best-in-class services. The flexibility of the business model allows the Company to scale the product offering depending on individual client needs. As a result and more than ever before, the Company is positioned to meet the increased demand of the outsourcing megatrend.
  2. Unrivalled scientific expertise and cutting-edge technology: With globally more than 3,000 employees and 2,200 top-class scientists of 69 different nationalities, we are experts when it comes to identifying new ways of accelerating innovation. Our scientists do not only impress with a high level of education, but also with their everlasting passion for science, creativity and dedication. Evotec’s comprehensive, unbiased and cutting-edge drug discovery platform for external innovation has been built up with this expertise over many years. It has a long-lasting track record in delivering successful integrated and standalone projects to Evotec’s partners.
  3. Strong ties to Biopharma and Academic networks: Our multi-faceted corporate strategy is informed by our strong collaborative partnerships that provide access to key opinion leaders within top academic institutions and leading Biopharma companies. Evotec’s corporate and institutional partnerships allow the Company to continually adopt creative ways to stay in tune with and accelerate innovation.
  4. Strong and experienced senior management: The leadership team’s comprehensive experience and deep relationships provide valuable insight into many angles of the industry. The Company leverages insight provided by leadership to better understand client needs and subsequently deliver value by helping clients navigate the complex drug discovery landscape.
  5. Hybrid business model for sustainable success: EVT Innovate, the Company’s innovation segment, is primarily financed through re-investing earnings of EVT Execute, the Company’s service segment, which along with a co-owned pipeline, results in a biotech business with a unique risk profile and significant potential for future value creation.

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