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Age-related diseases

Life expectancy is increasing in the developed world and this is due to the impact of a healthy lifestyle and the use of transformational therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases. However, this increased longevity often comes with reduced quality of life for individuals, due to a spectrum of clinical conditions associated with the aged. At Evotec, we continue to build a team of dedicated scientists focused on supporting drug discovery programs targeting improved health span. Our aim is to slow age-related disease and enable individuals to spend as much of their lives as possible in good health.

To enable us to do this, we have developed complex in vitro models in which we are able to model the cellular pathologies that underpin the aging process. These models allow us to measure the ‘hallmarks of aging’ and we can assess the impact of individual targets in driving or slowing the development of cellular dysfunction. In turn, these form the assays by which we support drug discovery programs.

With our specific aging focus and technology platforms, we believe we are the partner of choice for start-ups, nonprofit organizations, biotech and pharma working in an area in which all of society has an interest.

Steven England

Steven England

SVP In vitro Pharmacology

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