Therapeutic Areas

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, impacting millions of people and posing a significant burden on healthcare systems and economies.

Evotec has recently established a cardiovascular disease area to support drug development needs across the ecosystem. Leveraging integrated drug discovery capabilities and developing innovative technologies, we provide a network-based, interactive omics-driven approach to support developing partnerships and targeted cardiovascular R&D programs. Our precision medicine platform enables understanding of complex disease mechanisms, while specialized expertise in iPSC drug development tools, CRISPR-based disease modelling, 3D cell-based models, and high-throughput cardiotoxicity screening accelerates early preclinical assessments. The cardiovascular platform aligns Aging,  Inflammation & Immunology, Kidney, and Metabolic therapeutic areas extending efficacy, disease modelling, analytic, and imaging capabilities to enable integrated drug development activities.

Ana-Mishel Spiroski

Dr Ana-Mishel Spiroski

Group Leader, Cardiovascular Therapeutic Area Lead

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Evotec has the right technologies & disease understanding to meet our partners' evolving needs: a comprehensive disease knowledge at the molecular level, cutting-edge technologies & platforms to translate this expertise into effective precision medicines.