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Our Vision

Our goal is to empower any scientist to explore, analyze, and interpret deep biological data in the fastest, easiest, most visual and collaborative way. Furthermore, we want to democratize access to life science information, analysis results, and insights to help researchers find the shortest paths to new treatments.

Why is interactive analysis superior to workflows and pipelines?

Many bioinformatic tools available today rely on robust pipelines, which come with the advantage of high reproducibility. However, they also come with the disadvantage of rigidity and long waiting times between starting and interpreting the analysis. A key success factor in research is fast, interactive, and straightforward tools that stimulate creative and immersive interaction with the data and provide results right away. That’s why PanHunter democratizes data access by providing the ability to analyze data interactively. It provides all the necessary analysis options to dig deeper into the data and finds all the interesting pieces to the research puzzle. Most importantly, this interactivity does not come with a loss of reproducibility; this is still achieved through strong version control and audit trails at all levels. However, we think this should not get in the way of a researcher who is hunting down the next breakthrough!

How can omics data take your research project to the next level?

Compared to simpler and widely used assays, omics technologies offer the opportunity to take an unbiased snapshot of a biological system at the molecular level. It also goes along with a change in the general approach – moving from hypothesis driven research to an a priori discovery driven approach, which allows to gain understanding of all underlying processes. Due to the high dimensionality of the data generated by omics technologies, it becomes possible to “zoom in” on anything you might be interested in. PanHunter is the platform that enables you to facilitate all of this data analysis and interpretation.

How can PanHunter help you leverage the benefits of omics data?

As the number of omics datasets being published increases exponentially, it is very likely that you have already come across a publication, which used or was based on omics data, even though you haven’t generated them for your own research. In a situation like that, PanHunter can help you out perfectly. Our platform allows you to easily integrate the data you would like to have a look at, even when it comes from the public domain. Furthermore, PanHunter provides guidance for you on how to analyze and estimate the quality of the data you are looking at. If you have more questions or need further support interpreting the data, you can always reach out to us and get help from our teams of Application Specialists and Computational Biologists.

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