Case Studies

Fast & Easy in Vitro Toxicology

In this video you will find a hands-on demo about using PanHunterTM to analyze ScreenSeqTM transcriptomics data for investigating the toxicity of tool compounds at different concentrations based on an internal Panomics Tox study

Fast & Straightforward Biomarker Identification

In this video you will find a hands-on demo about using PanHunter to analyze clinical and transcriptomic data for identifying biomarkers of colon adenocarcinoma based on a study from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA).

Fast & Easy Single Nucleus & Spatial Transcriptomics

PanHunter is Evotec’s machine learning, AI platform for integrated research and development. This video will take you through a hands-on demo of how to use PanHunter to analyze single nucleus and spatial transcriptomics data as complementary methods for the analysis of chronic kidney diseases, searching for marker genes, evaluating cell types localization, and investigating disease progression.

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Carla Tameling

Dr Carla Tameling

VP PanHunter Business

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