Preparative Chromatography

Evotec excels not only in supporting internal and partnership projects with exceptional separation science but also offers top-notch preparative chromatography services. Our range of services covers milligram to kilogram scale and includes:

  • Preparative-scale separation of chiral compounds (intermediates or final compounds)
  • High-resolution purification for peptides, vitamins, steroids, macrolides, amino-acid derivatives, and proteins
  • Mass-directed purification of chemical libraries
  • Isolation of impurities or natural products for structural identification
  • Chiral analysis for follow-up on asymmetric synthesis
  • Evaluation of chiral stability for final molecules or development candidates

Furthermore, our group has developed unique oxidation models that mimic P450 monooxygenases. These models enable synthesis, purification, and structural identification of metabolites or analogues of active compounds.

Our capabilities encompass a range of analytical and preparative techniques:

  • Analytical: HPLC, UPLC, UPLC/MS, and SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography)
  • Preparative chromatography at small scale (mg to g): LC/UV/MS automated mass-directed purification using Waters Fraction Lynx and LC/UV automated purification
  • Preparative chromatography at medium scale (g to tens of g): HPLC preparative chromatography and SFC preparative chromatography
  • Preparative chromatography at large scale (tens of g to kg): large-scale pilot Novasep HPLC prep chromatography, large-scale pilot Novasep SFC prep chromatography, and fully automated 20 L rotary evaporator

With over 20 years of expertise and our high-quality capabilities, Evotec is a trusted provider of outsourced preparative chromatography services for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, cosmetic, and academia sectors.

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Ashley Jarvis

Ashley Jarvis, PhD, FRSC

EVP Head of Drug Discovery Chemistry

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