From Inception to Clinical Testing

iPSC Cell Therapies

Cell therapy is a fast-growing and highly promising field in the development of novel therapeutics, with a strong potential to provide innovative functional cures.

While most current cell therapies focus on autologous therapies, off-the-shelf allogenic approaches based on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) offer significant advantages compared to both autologous and donor-derived allogenic therapies.  

It is Evotec’s goal to provide safe, efficacious and cost-effective cell therapy products to large patient groups across a broad range of disease areas. To achieve that, Evotec has built a unique, industry-leading end-to-end platform to develop and manufacture off-the-shelf iPSC-based cell therapeutics, fully integrated under one roof. In addition, we conduct R&D to develop innovative proprietary product candidates to accelerate pipeline building with our partners.

Advantages of iPSC-based Approach

iPSC based cell therapy
  • Reduced complexity: Patient is not part of manufacturing process
  • Unlimited starting material
  • Clonal & high fidelity gene editing
  • Consistent quality of final product
  • On demand product availability to patients
  • Versatile: Single platform suitable to manufacture multiple cell types & diseases

A Truly Off-The-Shelf, Scalable Approach

Our approach is fully scalable to serve the market with up to tens of thousands of doses. Thus, we overcome a major hurdle a major hurdle in cell therapy.

iPSC Large Scale GMP Manufacturing To Clinic

iPSC Cell Therapy Platform Overview

Learn more about our iPSC Cell Therapy Platform.

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Flexible Partnership & Collaboration Models

Evotec’s internal iPSC-based product candidate pipeline is one of the broadest in the industry. It encompasses immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as regenerative therapies targeting diabetes and heart failure. Additionally, the platform integrates cutting-edge gene editing and targeting technologies, along with a GMP facility for manufacturing clinical development candidates.

In line with Evotec’s mission “Together for Medicines that Matter”, we are seeking strategic partners to collaborate and co-develop a product candidate pipeline in multiple diseases areas. Our collaboration and partnership models are flexible and tailored to our partners’ needs.

Partnering model i PSC CT 230811

Meet our Experts

Headshot Andreas Scheel
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Andreas Scheel, PhD

EVP, Head of Cell Therapy & Site Head Cologne

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Latest update: July 2024


Andreas Scheel, as the EVP Head of Cell Therapy, leads the focus area “iPSC-based Cell Therapies” at Evotec. He also serves as the site head of the Cologne facility and is responsible for the cell therapy core teams located in Göttingen and Cologne.

In his role, Andreas is primarily responsible for the strategic development of this focus area together with a leadership team and for the establishment of strategic partnerships. He ensures the teams have the required expertise and fosters a cohesive identity across different sites. Andreas actively engages in internal networking and garners management support to promote transparency as this field continues to grow within the company. Additionally, he provides vital support to specific projects.

Andreas and his team's work holds immense importance, as they develop novel therapies to address urgent patient needs, striving to cure (rather than just treat) specific diseases with the unique advantages of iPSC-based cell therapy. At Evotec, Andreas values the company's commitment to investing in promising areas, granting senior leaders like himself the autonomy to define strategies. The dynamic and diverse environment at Evotec, with its vast expertise and multicultural teams, allows Andreas to excel in developing innovative platforms that have the potential to revolutionize medical treatments. His dedication and leadership position him as an invaluable asset in Evotec's pursuit of groundbreaking therapies.

Interest and Experience

Apart from his professional achievements, Andreas finds joy and fulfillment in his family and sports. He thrives in fast-paced environments and embraces challenging situations, making critical decisions with urgency, which allows him to tap into his creativity and excel in his work at Evotec.

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Headshot of Christine Guenther
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Christine Guenther

EVP, Head of Global Cell Therapy Translation & Site Head Modena

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Latest update: July 2024


Christine is a seasoned executive in the development, manufacturing and translation of Cell Therapies from early stage through clinical development until market reach in Europe. She joined Evotec International GmbH in 2021 as Executive Vice President, Head of Global Cell Therapy Translation & Medical Director. Recently she was appointed as Site Head of Evotec´s Cell Manufacturing site in Modena (IT). Her focus is the integrated development of cell therapy and the building of partnerships with Pharma/ Biotech.

Christine brings more than 30 years of experience in clinical and translational Cell Therapy, both in the allogeneic and autologous field, complemented by the iPSC-focus at Evotec. From 2008 to 2020 she served as CEO and Medical Director at Apceth, Cell & Gene therapy (Munich, GER, now Minaris Regenerative Medicine) building the Biotech from start-up to a profitable CDMO and research company. The company developed the worldwide first clinical study with genetically modified stem cells (MSC). Apceth was acquired by Hitachi Chemical in 2019 and integrated into a global CDMO network. Prior to that she served as Medical Director and Qualified Person at a non-profit organization for stem cell donation and cord blood transplantation.

Christine has a strong medical background as Senior Hematologist/ Oncologist working in academic Hospitals and the University Hospital in Munich with a focus on hematologic stem cell transplantation and adoptive cell therapy (1988-2002).

She holds a medical license from University of Munich and performed her PhD in experimental Hematology at the Helmholtz Society (Munich). She worked over 10 years as certified Qualified Person, and contributed in task forces and associations to the progress of Cell Therapy.

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