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Who we are

We are a fast-growing life sciences company with more than 5,000 employees at 17 sites around the globe. 

Addressing causes of a disease rather than just its symptoms is the driver of our daily actions. At Evotec we research, develop and manufacture precise and innovative medicines for, and with, leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic institutions. By uniting all efforts, we can create the best results for better medicines. 

Our culture & values

Here at Evotec we truly believe and support our #researchneverstops motto. We are passionate about our mission to find treatments for the many currently untreatable diseases. We comprise more than 5,000 smart and diverse colleagues, brought together from across the world with differing cultures, background, and ways of thinking. We are united by our common mission and passion for what we do and how we do it. This is both guided and mirrored by our core values - collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship - which inspire and motivate us to move forward together.

Ten things we drive for

Collaboration: We believe the best results are achieved from building upon each other’s strengths and through sharing our knowledge. As a drug discovery and development company partnered with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and academic institutions, collaboration is part of our DNA. 

Innovation: #researchneverstops – encapsulates the immense value we see in continuous innovation. Guided by our mission, to discover and develop highly effective therapeutics and make them globally available to the patients who need them, we continuously strive to develop innovative approaches and solutions to drug discovery and development.

Entrepreneurship: We are determined to transform our ideas into reality. With Evotec, a smart idea can unfold and mature, with the help of our many resources, into its own business within the Evotec Group.


Employees by nationality as of 31 December 2022 in %

In fact, today, 91 different nationalities are represented amongst the employees at Evotec working across 17 sites in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and USA. They continue to build our reputation as a leading player through their creativity, commitment, professionalism and innovative spirit.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Evotec

At Evotec, we aim to promote diversity in all its shades. As an organization we contribute to a working environment where respect and diversity of thought are valued, and prejudice has no home. Different initiatives and activities, some driven by our employees themselves, demonstrate our true commitment to these values. 

Alongside other companies, Evotec has signed the German “Charta der Vielfalt” and is a member of the “Proud Science Alliance”. 

People stories

Click the pictures to learn more about some of our colleagues

Edward Senior Scientist, Structural Biology
“Since I joined the company in 2012, I worked in two different teams: protein production and X-ray crystallography. It allowed me to work on different roles and getting a greater insight on structural biology. Every project brings its own challenge to solve and it allows you to learn a lot from the talented colleagues you work with. I have a sense of fulfilment when, as part of a team, a solution is found so the project can move forward to the next step.”
Guillaume Research Associate, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry
“It’s only a handful of weeks after the establishment of Evotec in France that I joined the company. As a junior collaborator, it was a unique opportunity to be part of the journey from the beginning. It allowed me to have personal inputs while all the processes and workflows were created or put into place. After working for a short period of time in a big pharmaceutical company, I found here at Evotec a great variety of missions. Depending on the projects and clients that we collaborate with, I encounter major differences in terms of scientific problems. The story never repeats itself: every new collaboration has its own challenges that need their own new solutions. That’s a tremendous opportunity for learning new skills and continuously broadening my knowledge in my field of expertise.”
Haniah Senior Scientist, Anti-infectives
“I was excited to be part of respiratory virus and prophylactic vaccination studies which were always my passion. Furthermore, the company is interested in developing an in-vivo model of respiratory disease which also corresponds well with my middle team career goal. I like my job because it allows me to develop my in-vitro as well as in-vivo skills in parallel. Furthermore, I am learning how to manage several clients at a time and dealing with different projects which involve different microorganisms i.e. virus-based projects and bacteria-based projects."
Paola Principal Scientist, Analytical Technical Team Member
“I started working for Aptuit as a Research Specialist in 2016. When Aptuit joined Evotec in 2017, it was a positive experience for me. I truly feel part of a unique company and our “ONE” team working for a major objective: Improving the lives of patients. Since April 2019, I am a Principal Scientist in the Analytical Development and Quality Control Team. My perception is that Evotec really promotes scientific knowledge and development and it invests into professional growth by stimulating people with development plans, rewarding individuals and groups for their new ideas and achievements. The working environment is really dynamic, there are lots of young people coming from different countries who make you feel being part of an international family. There are many challenges to face day by day, but this is really satisfying when you work with experienced people and you can acquire the knowledge and competence to solve them as a team.”
Stuart Team leader, Discovery Chemistry
“I started at Evotec as a Senior Scientist, working on an oncology project. After two years, that program ended and I began working on a new project in partnership with an American biotechnology company, seeking an alternative HIV therapy. During this project I led the chemistry effort and managed a small team of chemists and in 2007 I was promoted to Senior Scientist 1. I then transferred onto a new project, working in partnership with a Japanese pharmaceutical firm to develop a new anticoagulant. Again, I led the chemistry effort, managing up to 12 chemists on the project, and was promoted to Team Leader in 2011. Since 2012, I have been working as part of a collaboration with Bayer seeking a treatment for endometriosis, which affects an estimated 176 million women worldwide (around 10% of women of reproductive age). This debilitating condition results in chronic abdominal pain and can greatly impact a woman's social, professional and personal life. I hope that, through this collaboration, we can deliver some investigational new drugs that alleviate these symptoms and free so many women from a life of chronic pain. The best thing about Evotec, without question, are the people. The talent here is really outstanding, first-class. Everyone is really friendly and supportive, but with that there’s a strong drive that pervades the company to succeed in our goals and individual programmes and really make a difference to people’s lives.”
Dominique Project Manager Alliance Management
I started working for Evotec in 2013 as a Research Assistant in the In Vitro Pharmacology group. I already knew that I wanted to work in the drug discovery industry, having spent a year as an intern for a large pharmaceutical company in the UK and this was the perfect opportunity for me to start my career, gain experience and learn a new language at the same time. After two years, I moved to Screening Operations where I acquired the skills and knowledge to run high-throughput screening campaigns on our various automated platforms. In 2018, I decided it was time to take on a new challenge and joined the Global Alliance Management team as a Project Manager. Working in a global function allows me to interact with numerous colleagues in various disciplines across all of our sites. My favourite part about the role is the dynamic and varied nature of the work, finding new and innovative solutions to tackle any operational challenges we may face whilst supporting our Scientists all the way from project initiation through to nominating pre-clinical drug candidates to ensure the best results for our partners. Evotec has given me the opportunity to grow and develop my career in ways I never imagined, I feel privileged to work with such talented, inspiring colleagues and be part of the Evotec family.

Job opportunities

There are many ways to join Evotec. As a life sciences company, we naturally have a great need for employees with a scientific background. No matter if you are just starting your career or are an experienced expert. Whether with a PhD, a degree or an apprenticeship. Whether in research & development, production or business development: We offer many opportunities.

Even if you are not a scientist there are multiple options to join us. To keep our company-wide business processes running smoothly, we need your expert knowledge in our global functions. These include, for example, finance and accounting, marketing and communications, human resources management, purchasing, IT and many more. 

High school and university students are also welcome at Evotec. We offer apprenticeship opportunities as well as working student positions and internships for students.

Take a look at our job board and find the opportunity that best suits you. We look forward to receiving your application. 

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Career development

Get the chance, seize the chance!

Our success as a business depends on the success of our people, so we strive to employ highly qualified, talented people and are committed to ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and gain further experience within their existing discipline and across other functions.

With the huge variety of scientific projects in different therapeutic areas, researchers receive on-the-job training, can expand their knowledge base and increase their capabilities by taking on new or additional responsibilities. In addition, we provide targeted education and training programmes to support our employees in achieving their full potential and we also encourage attendance at conferences and technical seminars. We make sure that every employee at Evotec has a yearly development plan which is reviewed with the line managers to gain the support needed for upcoming challenges. 

As we continue to grow, we invest in more development options and programmes to build capabilities and unleash the talent of our employees; we recognise that for the Company to grow, our employees need to grow, too. We believe that your career is not merely defined by straight paths and promotions. For us it is about growing the experience and abilities that enable us to keep up with the future – because research never stops!

Rewards and benefits 

Evotec aims to encourage, support and recognise the excellent performance and behaviour of our employees. Our performance-based compensation policy applies to all employees of the Evotec Group companies. We also offer a variety of benefits, which are aligned with local legislation and practices in each country. They include amongst others health and pension benefits to provide a framework of security for employees and their families.

We recognise that our employees have full lives away from the workplace and support working patterns that balance private life and career.


6 countries, 17 sites: Lots of opportunities

Founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1993 our Company has grown substantially to 17 sites in six countries all over Europe and the USA. For you, this is a unique opportunity to work in a dynamic, multicultural and engaging environment, bringing your talent, knowledge and experience to our many exciting projects and our community.

So, where will you join us?

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Tips on how to apply to Evotec

What should my CV include?

Please do carefully consider the role you are applying for and tailor your CV accordingly. It’s important to clearly and concisely present all your relevant skills, experience and training.

Will I be invited to an interview?

We will review your application and check how well your CV and cover letter match the requirements of the role. If we feel that you may be suitable for the role, we will invite you for a phone/WebEx or face-to-face interview.

What does an interview involve?

If you are invited for a face-to-face interview at an Evotec site, we will schedule appointments for you with a number of Evotec colleagues to give you the opportunity to get to know Evotec as a company and to ask any questions you might have.

During your interview, we will ask you various questions which focus on your skills, knowledge and experience in past roles. It’s not a question of getting the answers right or wrong, but providing relevant examples of your work experience which demonstrate your ability to do the role you’ve applied for. For most roles, the process will include a technical interview relevant to the position you have applied for, and may involve you presenting on a topic to a small audience. Our assessment approach will be clearly outlined in your invitation to an interview.

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