It’s the calibre of our people that creates our success

We grow through innovation, collaboration, nurturing our people and continuing to develop as a world-class organisation.

Our work is challenging and requires the most competent staff, therefore we aim to recruit and retain the best. We look for talented individuals from all walks of life, educational backgrounds and nationalities to provide the expertise and dedication to enable us to continually achieve success in all that we do. Evotec offers equal opportunities for people with or without, visible or not-visible disabilities.

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"To communicate and to interact as much as possible within our Company is an essential element of our human resources strategy."Enno Spillner, CFO of Evotec

Employees by nationality as of 31 December 2021 in %

In fact, today, 81 different nationalities are represented amongst the employees at Evotec working across 15 sites in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, the UK, and USA. They continue to build our reputation as a leading player through their creativity, commitment, professionalism and innovative spirit.

Approximately 38% of Evotec’s employees have worked for the Company for more than five years. The average age of Evotec’s employees at the end of 2021 was approximately 38.5 years.


The workforce at Evotec is highly skilled with >80% of all employees having an academic qualification. 33% of the Company’s total workforce hold a PhD degree.

Our people create our success

  • >4,200 employees worldwide
  • ~ 3,300 scientists
  • 81 nationalities
  • 54% of employees are women
  • >80% of all employees have an academic qualification

Evotec has undersigned the German initiative "Charta der Vielfalt" to support diversity in business

Our culture

For more than 25 years, Evotec has built an open and collaborative culture that emphasizes teamwork and mutual respect, while at the same time recognising the individual effort and achievements of our employees. We foster an environment that rewards initiative, engagement and the dedication of our people, whilst always working towards a common goal – to provide great value to our clients and business partners through our comprehensive expertise in drug discovery and development. We are committed to making Evotec an inspirational place to work, so whether you work in science or administration, working at Evotec means that you will have a challenging role with significant autonomy and opportunities to gain new skills, knowledge and experience.

Evotec is a science-driven, dynamic company with the feel and excitement of a high-growth enterprise. With over 4,200 employees in Europe and the USA, however, we are still small enough for everyone to play an integral role and to truly have a positive impact on the success of our business. As a result, we have a very loyal and committed workforce and this is something we are very proud of.

Our people are remarkably passionate about what they do and how they work. They come together from around the globe, from diverse educations, backgrounds, cultures and thinking styles, but form a close-knit community with widespread interactions between different departments on all sites. They can multi-task, but have a clear focus on creating innovative solutions; and most importantly they adapt with speed and flexibility to business challenges and opportunities. With this deeply engrained culture of high energy and determination to succeed, we feel Evotec is uniquely positioned for success in the future.

Edward Senior Scientist, Structural Biology
“Since I joined the company in 2012, I worked in two different teams: protein production and X-ray crystallography. It allowed me to work on different roles and getting a greater insight on structural biology. Every project brings its own challenge to solve and it allows you to learn a lot from the talented colleagues you work with. I have a sense of fulfilment when, as part of a team, a solution is found so the project can move forward to the next step.”
Guillaume Research Associate, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry
“It’s only a handful of weeks after the establishment of Evotec in France that I joined the company. As a junior collaborator, it was a unique opportunity to be part of the journey from the beginning. It allowed me to have personal inputs while all the processes and workflows were created or put into place. After working for a short period of time in a big pharmaceutical company, I found here at Evotec a great variety of missions. Depending on the projects and clients that we collaborate with, I encounter major differences in terms of scientific problems. The story never repeats itself: every new collaboration has its own challenges that need their own new solutions. That’s a tremendous opportunity for learning new skills and continuously broadening my knowledge in my field of expertise.”
Haniah Senior Scientist, Anti-infectives
“I was excited to be part of respiratory virus and prophylactic vaccination studies which were always my passion. Furthermore, the company is interested in developing an in-vivo model of respiratory disease which also corresponds well with my middle team career goal. I like my job because it allows me to develop my in-vitro as well as in-vivo skills in parallel. Furthermore, I am learning how to manage several clients at a time and dealing with different projects which involve different microorganisms i.e. virus-based projects and bacteria-based projects."
Paola Principal Scientist, Analytical Technical Team Member
“I started working for Aptuit as a Research Specialist in 2016. When Aptuit joined Evotec in 2017, it was a positive experience for me. I truly feel part of a unique company and our “ONE” team working for a major objective: Improving the lives of patients. Since April 2019, I am a Principal Scientist in the Analytical Development and Quality Control Team. My perception is that Evotec really promotes scientific knowledge and development and it invests into professional growth by stimulating people with development plans, rewarding individuals and groups for their new ideas and achievements. The working environment is really dynamic, there are lots of young people coming from different countries who make you feel being part of an international family. There are many challenges to face day by day, but this is really satisfying when you work with experienced people and you can acquire the knowledge and competence to solve them as a team.”
Stuart Team leader, Discovery Chemistry
“I started at Evotec as a Senior Scientist, working on an oncology project. After two years, that program ended and I began working on a new project in partnership with an American biotechnology company, seeking an alternative HIV therapy. During this project I led the chemistry effort and managed a small team of chemists and in 2007 I was promoted to Senior Scientist 1. I then transferred onto a new project, working in partnership with a Japanese pharmaceutical firm to develop a new anticoagulant. Again, I led the chemistry effort, managing up to 12 chemists on the project, and was promoted to Team Leader in 2011. Since 2012, I have been working as part of a collaboration with Bayer seeking a treatment for endometriosis, which affects an estimated 176 million women worldwide (around 10% of women of reproductive age). This debilitating condition results in chronic abdominal pain and can greatly impact a woman's social, professional and personal life. I hope that, through this collaboration, we can deliver some investigational new drugs that alleviate these symptoms and free so many women from a life of chronic pain. The best thing about Evotec, without question, are the people. The talent here is really outstanding, first-class. Everyone is really friendly and supportive, but with that there’s a strong drive that pervades the company to succeed in our goals and individual programmes and really make a difference to people’s lives.”
Dominique Project Manager Alliance Management
I started working for Evotec in 2013 as a Research Assistant in the In Vitro Pharmacology group. I already knew that I wanted to work in the drug discovery industry, having spent a year as an intern for a large pharmaceutical company in the UK and this was the perfect opportunity for me to start my career, gain experience and learn a new language at the same time. After two years, I moved to Screening Operations where I acquired the skills and knowledge to run high-throughput screening campaigns on our various automated platforms. In 2018, I decided it was time to take on a new challenge and joined the Global Alliance Management team as a Project Manager. Working in a global function allows me to interact with numerous colleagues in various disciplines across all of our sites. My favourite part about the role is the dynamic and varied nature of the work, finding new and innovative solutions to tackle any operational challenges we may face whilst supporting our Scientists all the way from project initiation through to nominating pre-clinical drug candidates to ensure the best results for our partners. Evotec has given me the opportunity to grow and develop my career in ways I never imagined, I feel privileged to work with such talented, inspiring colleagues and be part of the Evotec family.


Hamburg, Germany

Evotec’s headquarters are located in Hamburg, far up north in Germany. It is the second largest city in the country and its biggest port. As a trade and commercial centre with a distinct maritime character, Hamburg has always been outward looking. That has shaped the mentality and cosmopolitan spirit of Hamburg’s residents. 

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Manfred Eigen Campus

Manfred Eigen Campus

The Hamburg site employs about 500 people and houses drug discovery research and development departments as well as global corporate functions including Finance, Legal and Human Resources. The research focus in Hamburg is on neuroscience, inflammation/immunology and pain. The headquarters are named after Evotec co-founder and Nobel laureate Manfred Eigen.

You can find more information about the city of Hamburg here.

Abingdon, UK

Our Milton Park site in Abingdon is home to approximately 650 employees across the disciplines of Chemistry, DMPK and Structural Biology. Based 15 miles (25 km) south of the picturesque university city of Oxford, and close to the towns of Abingdon-on-Thames and Didcot we are in a beautiful part of the country, but yet close to major road, rail and air links.

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Abingdon site

Abingdon site

Milton Park is home to 9,000 people and 250 organisations. Milton Park offers various facilities including a post office, a local shop, a fitness and leisure centre, a bistro, a café, a hairdresser's, a nursery, urban walks and allotments.

Here you can find more information about the city of Abingdon and Milton Park.

Alderley Park, UK

At Evotec’s Alderley Park site, around 200 people work mainly in the fields of ADME, toxicology and anti-infectives.

Alderley Park is a bio and life science cluster located about 20 miles (30 km) south of Manchester. Alderley Park is home to a variety of CROs and features several amenities like gyms, restaurants and cafés or a conference centre. Here you can find out more about Alderley Park.

Lyon, France

Evotec ID (Lyon) includes more than 100 employees and has developed a long expertise in the field of infectious diseases (e.g. malaria, tuberculosis, chikungunya). Our multidisciplinary teams are made of researchers and laboratory technicians in several scientific fields, for example immunology, biology, microbiology, pharmacology, and chemistry.

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Lyon site

Lyon site

Lyon is the third largest city in France located in the Rhône-Alpes region close to Italy and Switzerland. At one hour from the Alps and only 30 minutes from the vineyards of Beaujolais, Lyon ranks as France’s top cultural city after Paris. Lyon has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a capital of Gastronomy with its “bouchons Lyonnais” and its renowned chefs. Many sectors of activities such as the pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, energy, fashion and metallurgy play an important role in the economic fabric of the region.

You can find more information about the city of Lyon here.

 Toulouse, France

At Evotec (France), approximately 700 employees work across the disciplines of Chemistry, Biology, DMPK, Research Informatics, Compound Management and High-throughput screening. The site was acquired from Sanofi in April 2015.

Evotec found Business in France – Great story, short film 

Toulouse is a big city of the south-western French region of Occitanie, and it is the fourth largest city in France. It has a desirable location, being only 90 miles (150 km) from the Mediterranean Sea and 70 miles (110 km) from ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

Toulouse is the fastest-growing city in France, and is one of Europe’s most high tech cities. It is most famous for hosting the Airbus headquarters and many of its assembly-lines, but the city is also a hub for the biotechnology, aerospace and IT industries. Toulouse is the third-largest student town in France and counts many renowned schools and universities in the fields of sciences, aeronautics and engineering.

You can find more information about the city of Toulouse here.

Goettingen, Germany

Evotec International GmbH is a subsidiary of Evotec and situated right in the middle of Germany in Goettingen. This city is well known for its high-ranking science and research institutions, the fame of which are enhanced by more than 40 Nobel Prize Winners. One of these Nobel laureates, Professor Manfred Eigen, was among the founders of Evotec.

Today, the Goettingen site is hosting around 300 researchers focused on the discovery of innovative treatments for metabolic diseases and associated co-morbidities such as diabetic complications and kidney disease.

You can find more information about the city of Goettingen here.

Munich, Germany

Evotec operates another site in Martinsried which is one of the top biotechnology centers in the world and a hot spot for life science starts ups. Martinsried is situated in southern Germany near the Bavarian capital Munich. Munich is a modern, cosmopolitan city full with a big heart and a long heritage, full of traditions, art, culture and industry.

The site with around 50 employees is primarily engaged in offering proteomics and metabolomics services to address key issues in drug and biomarker discovery by using a variety of technology platforms.

You can find more information about the city of Munich here.

Cologne, Germany

In 2019, Evotec established an additional site operating from the laboratories at the BioCampus Cologne. The team of around 20 employees has a proven track record of generating multiple disease-relevant cell types from iPSCs and their application in drug discovery. The combination with our existing expertise in iPSC biology and the Company’s leading drug discovery platforms will create new opportunities for innovative biology and adds capacity for new and existing partnerships.

You can find more information about the city of Cologne here.

Branford, USA

Branford is a shoreline town located on Long Island Sound in New Haven County, Connecticut. Although Branford is a small town, it is known for high-technology and pharmaceutical companies.

With a team of around 50 colleagues, our Branford site mainly focuses on sample management services.

You can find more information about the city of Branford here.

Princeton, USA

Our Princeton site is home to approximately 100 employees who all work in our reagents department. The Princeton site was set up in early 2015, and is still growing.

Princeton is set midpoint along the Northeast corridor, halfway between the Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas. Princeton is easily accessible by highway, mass transit, and through major airports.

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Princeton site

Princeton site

New Jersey is a hub for the biopharmaceutical industry, and the state is home to 14 of the world's 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. Princeton itself is in a beautiful and historic part of the country, but is perhaps most famous as the home to the 4th oldest US college.

You can find more information about the city of Princeton here.

Aptuit - an Evotec Company

Aptuit is a pioneering pharmaceutical discovery and development solutions provider, acquired by Evotec in 2017. Aptuit offers services from early drug discovery to commercial manufacturing, including INDiGO®, a comprehensive accelerated IND program, as well as Integrated Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) services. In addition to a presence at the Evotec sites in Abingdon, UK and Princeton, USA, Aptuit operates from a site in Verona, Italy.

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Aptuit site at Verona, Italy

Aptuit site at Verona, Italy

Aptuit site at Abingdon, UK

Aptuit site at Abingdon, UK

Aptuit’s major site in Verona features specialists with expertise in neuroscience, oncology, antibacterial, cardiovascular, respiratory and other key therapeutic areas. The facility offers a broad range of capabilities including drug design and discovery, pre-clinical biosciences, pharmaceutical sciences and due diligence and consultancy. You can find out more about the city of Verona here.

From its site in Abingdon, Aptuit offers API development, custom synthesis, production, including small-scale commercial capabilities, as well as analytical development, Quality control and associated stability studies. The site has regulatory approval by both MHRA and FDA. You can find out more about Abingdon here.

To browse through current Aptuit job opportunities, please click here.

Cyprotex – an Evotec Company

Cyprotex is a contract research organisation (CRO) specialising in in silico and in vitro ADME-Toxicology, which Evotec acquired in 2016. The company’s services allow its customers to evaluate the human in vitro ADME and Toxicology profile of potential drug candidates in an earlier discovery or development stage and predict the potential translation to clinical outcome. Cyprotex operates from the site in Alderley Park, UK and from a site in Watertown, USA.

Watertown is a small city located in Eastern Massachusetts, just 6 miles (10 km) northwest of Boston. With only 32,000 inhabitants, Watertown combines the open spaces of a small town with the close proximity to one of the most vibrant biotech clusters in the world. To find out more about Watertown, please click here.

For current job opportunities at Cyprotex, please click here.

Just - Evotec Biologics

In July 2019, Just joined the Evotec family. Just - Evotec Biologics is a unique platform company that integrates the design, engineering, development, and manufacture of biologics. With deep experience in the fields of protein, process and manufacturing sciences, the Just team came together to solve the scientific and technical hurdles that block access to life-changing protein therapeutics; from the design of therapeutic molecules to the design of the manufacturing plants used to produce them. Just's focus is to create access and value for a global market through scientific and technological innovation. Our state-of-the-art labs and cGMP clinical manufacturing plant are co-located in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood - the center of Seattle's medical, global health, and technology industries and a noted top emerging life science hub in the U.S. Our fast-growing team of 200 employees is expanding Just's innovative platform and our footprint in the US significantly - building our first North American J.POD® commercial biomanufacturing facility in the Seattle area. 

You can find out more about the city of Seattle here.

For current job opportunities at Just - Evotec Biologics, please click here.

Orth/Donau, Austria

In April 2020, Evotec established a gene therapy R&D site in Orth/Donau near the Austrian capital of Vienna. More than 30 experienced scientists apply their research within gene therapy to different gene therapy-related technologies benefiting from their deep expertise in vectorology and virology as well as disease insights, in particular in hemophilia, hematology, metabolic and muscle diseases. By expanding into gene therapy, Evotec delivers on its strategy to become a fully modality agnostic company.

Rewards and benefits 

Evotec aims to encourage, support and recognise the excellent performance and behaviour of our employees. Our performance-based compensation policy applies to all employees of the Evotec Group companies. We also offer a variety of benefits, which are aligned with local legislation and practices in each country. They include amongst others health and pension benefits to provide a framework of security for employees and their families.

We recognise that our employees have full lives away from the workplace and support working patterns that balance private life and career.

Career development

Get the chance, seize the chance!

Our success as a business depends on the success of our people, so we strive to employ highly qualified, talented people and are committed to ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and gain further experience within their existing discipline and across other functions.

With the huge variety of scientific projects in different therapeutic areas, researchers receive on-the-job training, can expand their knowledge base and increase their capabilities by taking on new or additional responsibilities. In addition, we provide targeted education and training programmes to support our employees in achieving their full potential and we also encourage attendance at conferences and technical seminars. We make sure that every employee at Evotec has a yearly development plan which is reviewed with the line managers to gain the support needed for upcoming challenges.

As we continue to grow, we invest in more development options and programmes to build capabilities and unleash the talent of our employees; we recognise that for the Company to grow, our employees need to grow, too. We believe that your career is not merely defined by straight paths and promotions. For us it is about growing the experience and abilities that enable us to keep up with the future – because research never stops!

Who we hire

We recruit individuals who balance talent and creativity with the ability to deliver results. Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting out, technical excellence is a must. Beyond that we’re on the look-out for those who interact and communicate easily with colleagues and clients. The right attitude and respect for others are very important to us; together with your ability to be a motivated team player and to hold it together under pressure are vital qualities that we look for.

You may just be starting your career...

Are you a talented, driven and ambitious graduate with a scientific degree (Bachelors, Masters, CTA, BTA)? We will provide you with the opportunity to absorb a mixture of first-rate technical training and invaluable experience where you will develop expertise within a scientific function. Our success depends on yours – wherever you are within the organisation we invest in your growth.

Or you may be an experienced scientist...

If you have already worked in industry or as a post-doc you will have proved that you have an appetite for challenging work, can demonstrate a detailed understanding of your area of science and can manage complex experiments. You will be able to apply your intellectual curiosity and technical knowledge and ability to solve problems with a forward-thinking approach.

You do not have to be a scientist...

Keeping a business of our size and scope operating as efficiently as possible relies on exceptional teamwork in IT, administration, finance and accounting, HR, communications and marketing, purchasing, facilities management and business development areas, too. You’d be wrong to think these parts of Evotec simply support the wider business though – every single employee who works here is actively involved in making Evotec a great place to work and maximising the Company’s success.

Student placements and apprenticeships

As a high-tech business we are keen to develop those with an interest in science. We offer student placements and apprenticeships across our sites.

Tips on how to apply to Evotec

What should my CV include?

Please do carefully consider the role you are applying for and tailor your CV accordingly. It’s important to clearly and concisely present all your relevant skills, experience and training.

Will I be invited to an interview?

We will review your application and check how well your CV and cover letter match the requirements of the role. If we feel that you may be suitable for the role, we will invite you for a phone/WebEx or face-to-face interview.

What does an interview involve?

If you are invited for a face-to-face interview at an Evotec site, we will schedule appointments for you with a number of Evotec colleagues to give you the opportunity to get to know Evotec as a company and to ask any questions you might have.

During your interview, we will ask you various questions which focus on your skills, knowledge and experience in past roles. It’s not a question of getting the answers right or wrong, but providing relevant examples of your work experience which demonstrate your ability to do the role you’ve applied for. For most roles, the process will include a technical interview relevant to the position you have applied for, and may involve you presenting on a topic to a small audience. Our assessment approach will be clearly outlined in your invitation to an interview.

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