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Evotec and Forge Therapeutics form strategic 'superbug' alliance

Hamburg, Germany, 09 December 2016: Evotec AG today announced a strategic alliance with Forge Therapeutics, Inc. to advance its novel Gram-negative antibiotic programme targeting 'LpxC' for the treatment of bacterial infections including those caused by drug resistant 'superbugs'.

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Evotec and Merck enter into agreements to collaborate on target discovery technologies

Hamburg, Germany, 30 November 2016: Evotec AG today announced the signing of a set of collaboration agreements with the life science business of Merck, which will combine Merck's portfolio of genome editing technologies with Evotec's versatile screening platforms and disease expertise.

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Evotec AG reports results of first nine months of 2016

Hamburg, Germany, 10 November 2016: Evotec AG today reported financial results and corporate updates for the first nine months of 2016.

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Building integrated and high-value drug discovery alliances
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