Therapeutic Areas

Neuroscience & Pain

Evotec has been a leading partner in neuroscience research for over 25 years and has built a highly efficient integrated Neuroscience Drug Discovery and Development platform spanning target identification, Hit-ID, lead optimization through development to IND submission.

Neuroscience disease expertise includes neuropsychiatry, neurology, pain, sleep disorders and neuroinflammation. Our fully integrated approach allows us to produce high-quality candidates across small molecule and multiple other modalities (e.g. ASO, antibodies, gene therapy). We have extensive preclinical experience in progressing a wide variety of target types including: GPCR targets, ion-channels, transporters, enzymes and protein-protein interactions.

In addition to our Integrated Neuroscience Discovery and Development platform, individual pharmacological studies using specialist neuroscience techniques can be offered based on a specific phase of the process (e.g. target validation, hit generation, lead characterization etc.). These studies include selectivity/liability panels, mode of action studies, receptor/target occupancy, in vivo PK/PD & efficacy models and liability assays (CNS, CV, abuse potential). 

Empowering Innovation: Evotec’s Trailblazing Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Our world-class platform for ion channel drug discovery includes electrophysiology and pharmacology expertise covering the majority of ion channel families (voltage- and ligand-gated or K+, Na+, Ca2+, Cl-) and access to a comprehensive technology platform (SynchroPatch 384, Qube®, QpatchHTX®, Manual patch-clamp (fast perfusion Biologics®), Slice Master, High-Density MEA, MaestroPro MEA).

Finally, we have obtained vast experience in Translational Biology strategies to provide robust integrated mechanistic PK/PD data packages to bridge effectively the preclinical/clinical interface. These strategies utilize truly translational technologies (e.g. electroencephalogram) and facilitate data-driven decision-making increasing the probability of clinical success. Studies are tailored for individual compounds under evaluation and can also include late-stage differentiation studies, problem solving, repurposing of compounds and consulting.