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Fibrosis encompasses a broad range of diseases, tissues, and pathobiology. Evotec has long-standing expertise in drug discovery for many fibrotic diseases and fibrosis pathophysiology including IPF, CKD, NASH and beyond. The Fibrosis therapeutic area enables both disease-specific and disease-agnostic development of new anti-fibrotic therapeutic concepts through a broad range of robust in vitro (complex monocultures and co-cultures), ex vivo (stimulated precision cut tissue slices) and in vivo models. This is coupled to strong Translational Biomarker discovery capabilities to support disease and patient stratification. In close collaboration with other therapeutic areas, the Evotec Fibrosis TA continues to develop new strategies, models and expertise to enable anti-fibrotic, fibrosis reversal, cellular homeostasis and tissue repair drug discovery, from target ID through to preclinical development.

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James Garnett

James Garnett

Fibrosis & Respiratory Therapeutic Lead

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