Alliance Management

Evotec’s Alliance Management delivers excellence in partnering. We maximize the success of our partnerships as we strive together to impact the lives of patients.

Claudia Karnbach

At Evotec, our unique company structure and our drive towards innovation enables us to build high performing partnerships. Together with our partners we are focusing on transforming the lives of patients through medicines that matter. We embrace collaborative excellence and are deeply grateful to our partners for the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve together making an impact on patients.

Claudia Karnbach, Global Head, EVP Partnering Excellence & Operations

Simone Braggio

We value the diversity of our partners from Big Pharma to Start-ups. We are proud of our tailored collaboration approach exceeding the expectations of our partners. As their advocate within Evotec, we drive for a seamless integration of our drug discovery and development capabilities to deliver the partnership goals.

Simone Braggio, Strategic Alliances with Start-ups, Biotech, Foundations, Consortia

Steve Courtney

Our partners can rely on Evotec with our proven track record of successful drug discovery and development partnerships. We know that trust, built upon effective communication and successful progression, is crucial for forging successful long-term alliances, unlocking the full potential to create breakthrough innovations.

Steve Courtney, Strategic Alliances for European & Asian Pharma Partners

Stefan Jarauch

Our mission is to deliver new breakthrough therapies for diseases with high unmet medical need by applying our innovative R&D platforms and technologies thereby creating value for our partners with the goal of impacting the lives of future patients. As alliance managers, we ensure that our resources, competencies and technologies are optimally aligned to enable the success of every partnership.

Stefan Jaroch, Strategic Alliances for US Pharma Partners

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Claudia Karnbach

Claudia Karnbach

Global Head, EVP Partnering Excellence & Operations

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Evotec has the right technologies & disease understanding to meet our partners' evolving needs: a comprehensive disease knowledge at the molecular level, cutting-edge technologies & platforms to translate this expertise into effective precision medicines.