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To enable Evotec’s precision medicine approach, we have been building technology platforms that allow PanOmics or multi-omics data generation at an industrialized scale. The technologies cover the whole range of biomolecules from genes to protein to metabolites. While we are using standard commercially available processes for genomics, we have invested massively into high-throughput and high-resolution transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics methods. These methods allow us to study diseases processes on all molecular levels and yield a deeper understanding of the disease mechanisms and discovery of novel predictive biomarkers.

Our proprietary ScreenSeq™ protocol allows us to profile large compound collections at an unprecedented scale on the transcript level. Furthermore, state-of-the-art single cell and spatial transcriptomics, when combined with industrialized processes, allow the study of molecular disease processes in patient cohorts with hitherto unseen precision.

Using Proteomics, we can study cellular processes on the protein level or post-translational modification level. ScreenPep™ enables the profiling of thousands of samples without compromising on coverage and precision. Our Clinical Proteomics platform allows us to investigate human samples, such as biopsies, resections, plasma or other body fluid derived from clinical trials. Finally, by combining laser-capture microscopy and LC-MS/MS, we can gain even deeper understanding of the disease on a spatial or cell-type resolved level.

In many diseases, metabolic pathways are perturbated. Here, the integrated analysis on the biochemical enzyme level (protein) and on the metabolite level, leads to a better understanding of the disease mechanisms and to discovery of novel targets and biomarker. We established 100s of assays for the targeted analysis of disease-relevant metabolites. In addition, our global metabolomics platform allows the unbiased, quantitative analysis of metabolites in cells, tissues and body fluids. 

Together, the combination of these industry-leading platforms, and our integrated data analysis platform PanHunter, form the technological basis of our E.MPD databases and PanOmics-driven drug discovery.

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Christoph Schaab

Dr Christoph Schaab

SVP Head of Proteomics & Metabolomics

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