Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners ("TIAP") adds novel KRAS oncology project to its LAB150 portfolio


Toronto, Canada, 12 December 2019:
Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners ("TIAP") announced today the launch of a new project developed under the BRIDGE LAB150, a partnership between Evotec SE and TIAP. The project will be focusing on breakthroughs in novel cellular drug screening systems in oncology-focused scientific KRAS research by Professor Igor Stagljar at the University of Toronto, a TIAP Member, and aims to develop therapeutics targeting the protein-protein interactions of KRAS and its downstream interacting partners.

The low survival rates of three of the four most lethal cancers in North America - pancreatic, colorectal and lung - are associated with KRAS mutations, a well-established cancer driver. Although there is an urgent need for KRAS-targeting therapeutics, so far there has been a lack of clinically available drugs as oncogenic KRAS is very difficult to target directly.

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