Ground-breaking for Evotec’s new lab building in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany, 28. April 2022:

Evotec, together with BEOS, the leading asset manager and project developer of corporate real estate in Germany, celebrated the ground-breaking for Evotec’s fourth building at the Manfred-Eigen-Campus in Hamburg today. 

The new building will expand Evotec's Hamburg site by approximately 12,000 square metres by mid-2024 and will be directly connected to an existing building on the site via a bridge. The expansion space will be used primarily for laboratories for innovative iPSC research. The new building will provide room for nearly 250 additional employees. Moreover, the new building will have sustainability measurements, for example is a photovoltaic system implemented for the heating.

Among the guests at the ground-breaking ceremony was Hamburg's State Councillor for Economic Affairs and Innovation, Andreas Rieckhof. He commented: “Evotec is one of the most innovative biotech companies in the world - and not only since the Corona pandemic. Evotec researches and develops. As a research driver, economic sector and job engine, the biotech industry plays an important role. I am pleased that Evotec continues to grow as a research-based pharmaceutical company and remains loyal to Hamburg as a location for innovation.”

Claudia Karnbach and Gabriele Hansen, the site heads at Evotec's Hamburg headquarters, added: "We are very pleased to have broken ground today for the new laboratory building together with the BEOS team. The new building gives us the opportunity to grow further at our headquarters and thus to further accelerate the research and development of precision medicine. Within the Evotec Group, our Hamburg site is focused, among other things, on the development of human disease models based on induced pluripotent stem cells. This technology enables us, together with our partners, to research and develop new therapeutic approaches for the more than 3,300 diseases for which there are currently no effective drugs. At the same time, Hamburg will be strengthened as a science and research location."

The event was attended by many Evotec employees who used the chance for a get-together.

For further information, please follow this link to the full version of the press release from BEOS.