Evotec Technologies Launches High-Throughput Cell Analyser 'Opera'

  • Revolution in high-content analysis of cellular events in assay development and screening

Hamburg, Germany - Evotec Technologies GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Evotec OAI AG (Neuer Markt: EVT) providing innovative technologies for life sciences announced today the market launch of its cell analyzer 'Opera' for fast high-content analysis of drug activity with sub-cellular resolution. The compact benchtop device designed to meet the needs of modern research and drug screening was publicly presented for the first time at the SBS Conference 2002 (Society for Biomolecular Screening) in The Hague, Netherlands, in September 2002.
The 'Opera' represents a breakthrough for cellular testing. This device combines the high resolution of confocal laser scanning microscopy with the speed of ultra high-throughput performance (>200,000 images per day). Strictly confocal imaging, variable magnification using different objective lenses, automated supply of immersion water and the integrated fast autofocus system guarantee maximal resolution and lowest background. The fully automated system offers ultimate flexibility. It may be applied for all assay classes in a great variety of plate formats (96, 384, 1536, 3456 well plates) and assay miniaturisation scales. Many different signals (e.g. colours) can be monitored independently from each other. In addition, Evotec Technologies' imaging software provides on-line evaluation for a wide range of applications. The unique open structure of this software assists scientists in the design of new assays for their own specific applications.
"We are extremely proud to introduce our new cutting-edge cell analyzer 'Opera'. The unmatched speed and exceptional data quality offer a smart solution for all assay development, screening and high-throughput biology laboratories," said Dr. Carsten Claussen, Chief Executive Officer of Evotec Technologies.
The 'Opera' has been integrated into Evotec OAI's and GlaxoSmithKline's EVOscreenÒ Mark III screening platform. It has already been well received among Evotec Technologies' current customer base. In close collaboration with Altana Pharma Evotec OAI successfully developed a novel cell-based assay programme.  Altana will now start to use the 'Opera' for internal drug discovery programmes.
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About Evotec Technologies GmbH
Evotec Technologies GmbH (ET) is a newly formed subsidiary of Evotec OAI AG focused on technology development and instrumentation. As an innovative technology provider the company serves current and future needs of all life sciences serving end-users and industrial partners.

With a broad knowledge base - from drug discovery to diagnostics - ET offers innovative solutions for complex life sciences applications. Existing applications are improved and novel applications drive the development of novel technology. The company focuses on the seamless integration of hardware, software and bioware modules, combining cutting-edge technologies for measurement, miniaturisation and automation. To this end ET has available a unique set of validated core technologies which range from single molecule detection and cell processing to generic assays. ET's range of products include concepts, prototypes, modules and integrated systems, instruments, software, disposables and reagents. Technical and biological consulting and know-how transfer complete ET's portfolio. EVOscreen® Mark III, Evotec OAI's high-resolution uHTS system, represents only the most prominent example of elegant solutions resulting from this approach. It has been successfully integrated into Novartis', GlaxoSmithKline's and Pfizer's drug discovery units.
Evotec Technologies employs 80 people, primarily in Hamburg, Germany. Subsidiaries are located in Düsseldorf and Berlin.
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Dr. Carsten Claussen
Chief Executive Officer of Evotec Technologies GmbH
Phone:  +49.(0)40.560 81-377
E-Mail:  carsten.claussen@evotec-technologies.com