Evotec Technologies Installs plate::explorer(TM) and Opera(TM) for High Throughput Screening at the Genome Research Institute

Hamburg, Germany and Cincinnati, Ohio - Evotec Technologies GmbH, a supplier of innovative tools and technologies for life sciences and pharmaceutical drug discovery, the Genome Research Institute (GRI) at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center today announce the successful installation at the GRI of a plate::explorer(TM) with Opera(TM) High Content Screening extension to provide the scientific community with high throughput and high content screening (HTS/HCS) capabilities.
With more than 40 world-wide installations, the Opera(TM) HCS platform has grown to be the major tool for high content analysis in high throughput screening, combining the precision of confocal microscopy with the speed of primary screening. The modular plate::explorer(TM) system can be employed for uHTS, HCS, secondary screening as well as assay development. The system also enables parallel plate processing (multitasking) for highest throughput and individual plate treatment (multithreading) for unlimited assay flexibility.
"We are extremely proud to be chosen as technology provider for UC/GRI and Cincinnati Children's. We see an increasing demand for automated experimentation in academic research to cope with the high demands of pharmaceutical research. The plate::explorer(TM) is the ideal tool for such purpose because it provides biochemical and cellular assays with the desired throughput plus great flexibility. This facility, operating out of the GRI, will enhance the UC/GRI, Cincinnati Children's and researchers throughout Ohio and the region to advance their drug discovery efforts," stated Dr Günter Bauer, Chief Business Officer at Evotec Technologies GmbH.
"Other centres concentrate heavily on basic science research, but aren't as focused or equipped to move discoveries through the necessary preclinical and clinical phases," said George Thomas, PhD, Interim Director of the GRI and Genome Science Department at University of Cincinnati. "Having the same equipment on site that pharmaceutical giants use themselves to further narrow drug targets puts us at quite an advantage. I'd say we are part of a pretty exclusive club."
Dr. Günter Bauer
Chief Business Officer
Evotec Technologies GmbH
Schnackenburgallee 114
22525 Hamburg, Germany
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