Evotec-RSIL Ltd extends library synthesis collaboration with Ferrer Grupo


Thane, India - 7th July 2009: Evotec-RSIL Ltd. (Evotec-RSIL) announced today that Ferrer Grupo, the Spanish pharmaceutical and healthcare company has extended their ongoing collaboration.  The two year extension is the third agreement between Ferrer Grupo and Evotec-RSIL in the last year and is based on the excellent results achieved by Evotec-RSIL in generating libraries on schedule and to the agreed high quality standards.  Evotec-RSIL uses its skills and expertise in parallel synthesis and purification to deliver high quality, focused libraries that represent a major part of Ferrer Grupo's screening collection.

Lester Marrison, CSO of Evotec-RSIL Ltd. commented, "We are extremely pleased and proud that Ferrer Grupo has decided to extend our collaboration.  During the last 2 years Evotec-RSIL has established itself as a partner of choice for an increasing number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our work with Ferrer Grupo is a great example of our ability to consistently deliver high quality compound libraries, cost effectively and to agreed timelines".

Albert Palomer, Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Department of Ferrer Grupo commented, "Our collaboration with Evotec-RSIL is important for the establishment of a high quality screening library at Ferrer.  During the past 12 months the partnership has been very productive and generated multiple, focused libraries ahead of our original timelines.  Our experience with previous, successful collaborations with Evotec-RSIL meant that we had no hesitation in extending our agreement yet again".

Evotec-RSIL is a joint venture between Evotec AG the Indian CRO, Research Support International Ltd (RSIL Ltd).  Through the joint venture, Evotec transferred resources, equipment and expertise to state-of-the-art laboratories in India in order to provide cost effective contract services for library synthesis. The commitment to total flexibility, validated processes and a proven track record have contributed to the rapid expansion of the joint venture providing compound library synthesis services to major European and US pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

No financial details are disclosed. 


About Evotec-RSIL Ltd

Evotec-RSIL Ltd is a joint venture established in 2007 between Evotec AG and the Indian CRO, Research Support International Limited (RSIL).  It offers high quality, low cost services for the parallel synthesis of compound libraries to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  State-of-the-art equipment and specific expertise was provided by Evotec to RSIL's purpose built, high spec laboratories in Thane, near Mumbai, India.  The relocation of key senior scientists to the joint venture's new facility in India was also instrumental in ensuring the smooth integration of the techniques and procedures developed at the Evotec laboratories.  Operating out of this base allows Evotec-RSIL Ltd to offer a cost effective, yet high quality service for the synthesis, purification and analysis of compound libraries.


About Grupo Ferrer

Grupo Ferrer is a global pharmaceutical company that, since its creation in 1940, has bet to harness the R+D of innovative drugs besides securing a solid industrial structure. The company focus its activity in the areas of Pharmacy, Feeding and Fine Chemistry, three key sectors to contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life. In 1977 the Group R+D activity was strengthened as a result of the creation of the Grupo Ferrer Research Center located in Barcelona. The center has more than 100 researchers dedicated mainly to the drug discovery and development in the therapeutic areas of Central Nervous System, Antiinfectious and Inflammation.