Evotec publishes DDup 8: Evotec’s unique iPSC-based drug discovery platform


The 8th edition of DDup is dedicated to our highly innovative iPSC platform, which we started developing more than six years ago with the goal to industrialise iPSC-based drug screening in terms of throughput, reproducibility and robustness to reach highest industrial standards. Today, it represents one of the largest and most sophisticated iPSC platforms in the industry and plays an essential role in iPSC alliances with strategic partners, such as Celgene and Sanofi.

Our team of experts has grown significantly in recent years to over 100 scientists and allowed us to expand the current portfolio beyond neurodegeneration and diabetes, progressing towards further disease modeling and systematic screening for new mechanisms, targets and compounds with therapeutic value for other devastating disorders, such as lysosomal storage diseases, neurodevelopmental diseases and retinopathies.