Evotec partner Forge enters into collaboration with Roche to develop novel antibiotic


San Diego, USA, 25 March 2020:
Evotec’s partner Forge Therapeutics, Inc. (“Forge”) today announced a research collaboration and option agreement with Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (“Roche”) to license one of its novel antibiotics for the treatment of hospital-based lung infections. The targeted infections includes those cited on the CDC’s most urgent threats list, which commonly occur in people with weakened immune systems and chronic lung diseases.

Under the terms of the agreement, Roche has an exclusive option to license one of Forge’s antibiotic programmes . Forge will retain control of the programme prior to Roche exercising its option, at which time Roche will take over the further development. Forge is eligible to receive $ 190.5 m in total payments and potential sales-based payments and royalties upon commercialisation of the programme.

Evotec is a minority stakeholder in Forge Therapeutics. Over the past years, both companies have collaborated on a number of projects. Evotec has supported the development of Forge’s antibiotic programmes right from the start with essential discovery and development services. The progress of the companies’ alliance enabled Forge to win several Carb-X awards totalling over $ 20 m to support the successful development antibiotic programmes through to pre-clinical development stage.

Please follow this link for the full version of Forge’s press release.