Evotec OAI Enters into Discovery Agreement with Nuvios

Hamburg, Germany | Oxfordshire, UK | Cambridge, MA, USA - Evotec OAI AG (Deutsche Börse: EVT, TecDAX 30), a leading partner for integrated, high-value-added drug discovery and development services, today announced a collaboration with Nuvios, Inc. for the screening of novel small molecule compounds for potential new drugs for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. 
Evotec OAI will apply its ultra high-throughput screening (uHTS), including proprietary, confocal fluorescence, as well as other technologies for the rapid identification of biologically active compounds to Nuvios' proprietary assays for profiling the effects of compounds on osteoclast and osteoblast growth and differentiation. The objective of the collaboration is to discover novel activators of bone anabolic activity.
Jörn Aldag, President and CEO of Evotec OAI, said: "The collaboration with Nuvios leverages recent breakthroughs in the understanding of the  biology and chemistry around anabolic bone formation. We are delighted to work with Nuvios in this exciting area, and we look forward to applying our skills in assay development and high-throughput screening to help create novel drugs for osteoporosis."
About Evotec OAI AG
Evotec OAI has established itself as the partner of choice for drug discovery and development solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, maintaining its leadership role through innovation and unmatched customer service.
The Company's business strategy is clearly focussed on drug discovery. It has established the most comprehensive technology platform and skills that integrate its world-class biology and chemistry capabilities. Evotec OAI leverages this discovery engine in providing assay development and screening through to compound optimisation and drug manufacturing services to a broad and well-established network of customers. In addition, the Company engages in selected discovery programmes itself to develop drug candidates for early out-licensing. Evotec OAI's instrument and technology business is now successfully handled by its affiliate, Evotec Technologies.
With over 600 people in Hamburg, Germany and Oxfordshire, UK, Evotec OAI is dedicated to returning value to its shareholders and employees through a sustainable business strategy that balances short-term and long-term revenue opportunities.
About Nuvios
Nuvios is a leader in the discovery and development of a new generation of drug therapies for treating and preventing osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. The company's primary focus is on discoveries related to the growth of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which enable the formation of bone with high specificity. Nuvios is a privately held biotechnology company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Contact: Anne Hennecke, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, phone: +49-40-56081-286, anne.hennecke@evotecoai.com
Contact: Anne Hennecke, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications, phone: +49-40-56081-286, anne.hennecke@evotecoai.com