Ad hoc: Evotec OAI Announces In-licensing of a Compound

Hamburg, Germany | Oxford, UK - Evotec OAI AG announces today that its soon to be 100%-owned subsidiary Evotec Neurosciences GmbH (ENS) has in-licensed a compound from an unnamed third party which has safely completed a phase I clinical trial.
ENS aims to reposition the compound in a CNS indication different from the one it was originally developed. To test the repositioning hypothesis, ENS is planning a small proof-of-concept trial. If the test trial is successful, ENS may further develop the compound.
The in-licensing transaction does not have an immediate material impact on the profit and loss statement and cash position of ENS and Evotec OAI, respectively, and ENS is not obliged to make any future milestone payments or conduct any trials beyond the initial trial.