Cytotoxicity Screening Panel


  • Drug toxicity is often a combination of multiple mechanisms. A single experimental approach is unlikely to capture the complexity involved in cellular toxicity.
  • High Content Screening uses automated fluorescence imaging to simultaneously analyse multi-parametric indicators of cellular toxicity. It can detect general cell death and/or mechanisms of cell death within the same cell population within the same well, and it can cover a wide spectrum of cytopathological changes.
  • Cyprotex offers a cell based cytotoxicity panel to evaluate key toxicity markers including cell number, nuclear condensation, total nuclear intensity, cell permeability, mitochondrial membrane potential and cytochrome c release.


Cytotoxicity Panel using High Content Screening Cell-based Assay

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Cyprotex enables and enhances the prediction of human exposure, clinical efficacy and toxicological outcome of a drug or chemical. By combining quality data from robust in vitro methods with contemporary in silico technology, we add value, context and relevance to the ADME-Tox data supplied to our partners in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries.