In drug discovery, molecules fall into two categories: small and large. Over 90% of current drugs are small molecules. In recognizing the limitations of a single approach, the concept of multimodality has emerged. The integration of multiple modalities offers another method to address various disease mechanisms, overcome drug resistance, and explore new avenues for therapeutic interventions.

By offering multimodality on our platform, we can access these new avenues of discovery, development, and manufacturing, to provide comprehensive solutions. Encompassing a wide range of techniques and therapies, each modality offers unique advantages, addressing different aspects of disease biology to enable a multi-faceted approach to drug discovery and development.

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Luca Raveglia

Luca Raveglia

SVP Head of Medicinal Chemistry

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Evotec has the right technologies & disease understanding to meet our partners' evolving needs: a comprehensive disease knowledge at the molecular level, cutting-edge technologies & platforms to translate this expertise into effective precision medicines.