Evotec Gene Therapy

Evotec - Vienna

Evotec's specialized gene therapy site is situated near Vienna, Austria. The site boasts a team of experts capable of providing comprehensive services for end-to-end gene therapy development. Our dedicated and expanding group of over 30 scientists possesses extensive experience in applying gene therapy technology to create innovative and novel therapies.

Explore our Evotec Gene Therapy Center in Austria.


  • Gene Therapy
  • In Vitro Biology
  • In Vivo Pharmacology
  • AAV Production
  • Capsid Engineering
  • Non-Viral Gene Therapy
  • Genome Editing
  • Translational Sciences
  • Integrated Development
  • Safety Predictions
  • Rare Disease Focus


Evotec GT GmbH

Uferstr. 15

2304 Orth an der Donau, Austria

T +43 (0)221 232 00