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As part of its expansion plans, Cyprotex US, LLC, relocated from its site in Watertown to a new facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. The site, located around 30km west of Boston, is easily accessible with dedicated parking and good transport links.

The state-of-the-art laboratory and office space at Framingham covers approximately 30,000 sq ft. This has allowed Cyprotex’s US ADME-Tox services business to grow by around 3-fold. The company has also invested heavily in the latest liquid handling automation and mass spectrometers enabling Cyprotex to have one of the shortest turnarounds in the industry and the capacity for large scale screening projects. This has attracted several new partnerships with medium and large Pharma companies which have fueled the expansion of the business. Our specialist technologies draw interest from a range of different industries and we continue our cutting edge research in areas such as transcriptomics, 3D cell-based models and microelectrode array for predicting drug-induced toxicity.

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  • ADME-Tox and DMPK


Cyprotex US, LLC

200 Staples Drive

Framingham, MA 01702, United States

T +1.609.968.0618

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Chris Strock

Chris Strock, PhD

VP US ADMET Operations

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Cyprotex enables and enhances the prediction of human exposure, clinical efficacy and toxicological outcome of a drug or chemical. By combining quality data from robust in vitro methods with contemporary in silico technology, we add value, context and relevance to the ADME-Tox data supplied to our partners in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries.