Academic BRIDGEs

A BRIDGE (Biomedical Research, Innovation & Development Generation Efficiency) is an integrated fund and award framework to accelerate the translation of early-stage drug discovery from academia to pharma. The goal of our BRIDGE pre-seed partnerships is to unlock the potential of academic innovation from therapeutic concept to investable data point by making our know-how in drug discovery, our technology platforms and matched funding readily available to academic researchers.

Our BRIDGEs Fall Into Two Categories:

Accelerating the generation of start-up companies & licensing opportunities by:

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  • Systematically probing first- or best-in-class therapeutic concepts on our technology platforms
  • Overcoming the poor reproducibility of published data on drug discovery by academia
  • Catering to the growing interest by universities to create sustainable start-up companies
  • Shortening timelines from idea to preclinical proof-of-concept and follow-on funding

To date, we have built BRIDGE partnerships across 3 continents with more than 40 top-tier academic partners and a diverse cohort of investors, including pharma companies, venture capital funds and governments.

Creating partnerships based on complementarity, mutual trust and an honest assessment of respective weaknesses, will improve efficiency, as amply demonstrated by Evotec’s BRIDGE program.
Academic collaborator Chas Bountra, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Innovation at the University of Oxford; Professor of Translational Medicine in the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Thomas Hanke

Thomas Hanke, PhD

EVP Head of Academic Partnerships

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Evotec has the right technologies & disease understanding to meet our partners' evolving needs: a comprehensive knowledge at the molecular level and the matching cutting-edge technologies & platforms to translate the data into effective precision medicines.