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Physical Chemistry services are focused on determining key physicochemical properties of compounds. Such properties play a pivotal role in supporting rational compound design by providing insight into the relationship between a molecule’s structure and its physical behavior within a system. For example, the early determination of physicochemical properties is a well-established strategy within drug discovery campaigns influencing compound design in many related areas including: dissolution, absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, protein affinity, toxicity.

Cyprotex offers a range of Physical Chemistry services, along with access to additional services via other Evotec sites or through partners.


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Cyprotex enables and enhances the prediction of human exposure, clinical efficacy and toxicological outcome of a drug or chemical. By combining quality data from robust in vitro methods with contemporary in silico technology, we add value, context and relevance to the ADME-Tox data supplied to our partners in the pharmaceutical or chemical industries.