Investor Relations & ESG Events

Upcoming and past IR & ESG events

Evotec places great emphasis on a continuous dialog with financial analysts and investors. Please find below an overview of Evotec's financial calendar as well as upcoming and previous investor relations events.


9 November2022

Quarterly Statement 9M 2022 and Webcast

19 September2022

Baader Investment Conference Venue: Munich, Germany
Organisers: Baader

11 August2022

Half-year report 2022 and Webcast

24 June2022

dbAccess Berlin Conference Venue: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Organisers: Deutsche Bank

23 June2022

Warburg Highlights Venue: Hamburg, Germany
Organisers: Warburg

22 June2022

Annual General Meeting 2022 Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Evotec

20 April2022

Kempen Life Sciences Conference Venue: Amsterdam
Organisers: Kempen

12 April2022

Publication Financial Results 2021 and Webcast
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9 February2022

HIT - Hamburger Investorentag Venue: Hamburg, Germany
Organisers: Montega

11 January2022

13 January2022

J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference Venue: San Francisco/Virtual
Organisers: J.P. Morgan

11 January2022

H.C. Wainwright Bioconnect Conference Venue: Virtual
Organisers: H.C. Wainwright

10 January2022

Commerzbank German Investment Seminar Venue: New York / Virtual
Organisers: Commerzbank

6 January2022

ODDO BHF Forum Venue: Virtual
Organisers: Oddo BHF