Compliance and Code of Conduct

The Management Board ensures the observance of legal requirements and internal corporate guidelines, working to achieve compliance throughout the Group. Evotec’s corporate culture is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability. Compliance is a key element of integrity, which means adherence to applicable laws and the Company’s internal policies. Evotec’s commitment to a compliance-oriented culture is reflected in the Company’s Code of Conduct, which stipulates fundamental ethical principles that apply to board members and other employees alike, such as integrity and professionalism.


The Code of Conduct mainly sets standards for:

  • Accounting and the permissible use of the Company’s funds and assets
  • Anti-money laundering principles
  • Compliance with insider trading laws and prevention of conflicts of interest
  • Compliance with antitrust legislation
  • Compliance with anti-corruption laws and associated internal guidelines
  • A work environment free of any form of discrimination and harassment
  • Occupational health & safety and environmental aspects
  • Animal welfare
  • Non-disclosure and protection of intellectual property and business secrets
  • Data protection and the use of personal data
  • Global trade
  • The duty to report upon the suspicion of an infringement of the Code of Conduct (whistle-blowing)

Evotec does not tolerate any violation of applicable laws or internal policies.

The Code of Conduct was revised in 2019, and a Supplier Code of Conduct (“SCoC”) was added in 2022. The Code of Conduct in Evotec's corporate languages as well as the English SCoC can be found below:

Code of Conduct

Further legal documents