OUR Approach

"By integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) values into our corporate strategy, we have aligned Evotec’s best interests with the best interest of society and our planet."Dr Werner Lanthaler, CEO of Evotec

Disruptive technologies and efficient processes help us to develop more precise, accessible and affordable therapies for uncured diseases, underserved patients and a vast number of people who have no access to modern and affordable medicine today. This is our greatest contribution to the global community. Thus, sustainability is the underlying principle guiding our business. We define sustainability as a concept that is composed of the three dimensions Environment, Social and Governance. For this reason, we use the terms ESG and sustainability synonymously. 

#researchneverstops – this truth will not change until effective treatments and cures have been found for every last one of more than 3,300 diseases that are undruggable today. A large number of stakeholders are united under this purpose. Each of these stakeholders defines its focus on different material topics. As Evotec, we aim to satisfy and unite these interests. In order to guarantee target-oriented control, we orient ourselves on sustainability-related KPIs. The foundation for the success of our mission is our corporate culture and values, our people, responsible corporate governance and the use of innovative technologies.

Internal structure

At Evotec, the responsibility for the implementation of sustainability activities and standards across the group lies with the Executive Team, led by the Chief Executive Officer. Achieving ESG related goals is part of short- and long-term incentive plans. While commitment of management is key, success will depend on anchoring sustainability in our corporate culture and establishing responsibilities within the organisation.

Evotec created the department Global ESG and its supervising function Head of Global ESG in 2020, which reports directly to the CEO. Three committees were initiated to drive the sustainability strategy throughout the organisation - from the management level to each individual at our sites.


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