In June 2021, Evotec announced the launch of the PRROTECT (pandemic Preparedness and Rapid RespOnse TEChnology plaTform) initiative. PRROTECT leverages a comprehensive set of novel projects and technologies to be better prepared for and respond faster to viral pandemics of the future.

Evotec’s PRROTECT initiative includes the development and delivery of superior novel therapeutics to curb the next viral pandemic. Based on the Company’s distinctive set of global capabilities, Evotec is uniquely positioned to develop next-generation therapeutics across all modalities including small molecules, protein degraders, antibodies and immuno-modulators, but excluding vaccines.

PRROTECT will be an open pre-competitive network initiative designed to offer the best protection against future pandemics by including three lines of preparation: 

  • Preparedness against viral threats, i.e. the pre-development of a multimodality pipeline of therapeutic candidates against the most threatening viruses as defined by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”)
  • Rapid response technologies to accelerate de novo R&D timelines of highly effective neutralising antibodies using AI & ML platforms (e.g. J.HAL℠)
  • Flexible manufacturing network with highly intensified production facilities (J.POD®) to provide therapeutic antibodies quickly wherever needed 

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